A Golden Launch: Global Gold Monetary Fund pioneering a return to gold-backed currency


In an unprecedented and visionary launch poised to redefine global economic paradigms, the Global Gold Monetary Fund (GGMF) has officially announced its debut, representing a significant stride towards fostering economic development and ensuring long-term prosperity by reintroducing gold as a medium of exchange.

Shining a spotlight on the gold rush

Amid fiat currency uncertainty, this initiative emerges as a transformative alternative. The U.S. dollar's detachment from the gold standard raises concerns, prompting some to turn to cryptocurrencies. 

GGMF, however, champions a return to gold, virtue, and financial stability. Leveraging modern technology, it offers global banking services, advocating decentralized systems and the intrinsic value of gold. With its mission deeply rooted in the belief that gold is a divine asset meant to serve humanity, GGMF aspires to pave a new path toward financial stability and independence for all who embrace its vision, guided by the principles of faith in gold's enduring value.

#GoldForAll: A resurgence of gold as a monetary standard

Allain L. de la Motte, Founder of the nTrust Group

GGMF's launch firmly underscores their unwavering commitment to revitalizing gold as a pivotal medium of exchange at the core of financial transactions.

During an engaging question & answer session at the event, Allain L. de la Motte, Founder of the nTrust Group, passionately illuminated the intricate challenges and vulnerabilities that have arisen due to the prevailing fiat currency system. Unlike fiat paper currencies, gold cannot be wiped out; it boasts intrinsic value and, most importantly, belongs to God.

Philippines as the birthplace of a new gold era

GGMF has selected the Philippines as its launch site, officially introducing a gold-backed monetary system through an insightful forum held at Basil Hall The Bayleaf Hotel, Manila. 

GGMF has strategically partnered with local authorities to establish its headquarters within Philippine borders. This partnership between GGMF and the Philippines represents a resolute effort to formally reintroduce gold as a universal monetary unit and standard. Commencing with the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and expanding its reach to encompass all Philippine citizens, this initiative aims to liberate humanity from the constraints of a global fiat currency system.

Golden opportunity: GGMF opens its doors to members

As GGMF prepares to commence its gold-backed monetary system by January 2024, it welcomes members from around the world, offering them the opportunity to partake in the promising future it envisions. Members will have access to a suite of unprecedented benefits, including:

  • Gold Collateral System: GGMF distributes securely stored physical gold among members through 50-year trust certificates, renewable as per the Jubilee principle.
  • Debt Forgiveness Program: GGMF assumes member countries' liabilities, including those in local and foreign currency, following the 50-year jubilee principle for structured debt relief.
  • New Monetary System: Members participate in a revolutionary platform with dedicated unit trusts backed by Bailment Agreements, and receive initial Gold Unit allocations, bolstering and sustaining global economies


This marks an extraordinary opportunity for individuals and entities alike to become part of a global movement aimed at reshaping the future of finance through the time-tested brilliance of gold.