Looking for J-beauty finds in the PH?

Mitsukoshi Beauty has under-the-radar Japanese skincare, haircare, and makeup brands

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  • Mitsukoshi Beauty has under-the-radar Japanese skincare, haircare, and makeup brands

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The arrival of Japanese department store chain Mitsukoshi here in the Philippines has gotten a lot of Filipinos excited. And if you’re a fan of Japanese beauty products, then you’ll definitely frequent this place. 

Located at 8th avenue in North Bonifacio Global City, the apothecary section of this department store will delight anyone who is looking for sophisticated J-beauty products. 

When founder Atsuko Morita developed asthma and dry skin and hair as a flight attendant, a French friend introduced her to phytotherapy techniques (therapy that uses plants and herbs to treat medical conditions) to manage her concerns. Not only did the therapy work, but it also gave Atsuko many other unexpected benefits. This pushed her to leave the airlines and study medicine and botanical therapy in Paris. When she returned to Japan, she contributed to plant biology research, earning her multiple awards. Armed with knowledge and experience, Atsuko created a skincare brand powered by phytotherapy + biotechnology + herbology, called Waphyto. 

Made for men and women of all ages (from infancy to adulthood), Japan’s first plant bio methodology brand has products for skin, hair, body, and intimate care. The plants and herbs in Waphyto products are sourced from Mikawa, Japan, where the soil is vitamin-rich.

E Standard 
Most people follow multi-step routines to care for their skin. Based on the concept that “hair care is also skincare,” E Standard offers a comprehensive range of meticulous hair and scalp care solutions, just like what you would expect from a complete lineup of skin care products. 

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Pamper your hair the way you do your skin with its five-step routine consisting of shampoo, hair serum, two hair treatments, and hair oil—this can be reduced or increased based on your hair’s needs) for luscious, healthy, and beautiful hair. 

E Standard’s organic products are made from nine plant extracts and three essential oils. And while most hair care brands use purified water, E Standard uses Hita Tenryosui natural mineral water to help nourish and revitalize hair.

La Casta
La Casta is a hair care brand used by many professional stylists in hair salons across Japan.  The components of this brand are only natural aromas and botanical ingredients. Its hair care concept of “vitality and healing from plants.”  

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This award-winning hair care brand has shampoo and conditioner ranges to treat several hair and scalp concerns, like thinning, tangled, frizzy, dry, oily, and colored hair. They also have solutions like specialized brushes, scalp treatments, masks, and hair lotions. To find the best range and combination of products for your hair, La Casta provides consultation services from their expert beauty advisors. 

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