Greater good legacy: Accessible healthcare for Filipinos 

Ayala Corporation has been at the forefront of nation-building for almost two centuries. While its businesses have continuously evolved to address the ever-changing needs of Filipinos, the aspiration to contribute to the country’s development has remained at Ayala’s core for 189 years.


With the establishment of Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health) in 2015, Ayala Corporation affirmed its commitment to helping communities and driving progress. AC Health aims to make healthcare accessible to Filipinos, similar to the purpose of Botica Zobel,189 years ago.

Botica Zobel:  Improving Access to Medicines 

In 1834, Casa Roxas, the earliest precursor of Ayala Corporation, was established in Manila. That same year, a pharmacist from Hamburg saw the need to improve the health of people and established La Droguería y Botica de Zobel in Intramuros. Soon, the two enterprises would find a common manager in Jacobo Zobel y Zangroniz, who inherited his grandfather’s pharmacy and also became involved in his wife’s family business, by then called Ayala y Compañía.

Botica Zobel 4.jpg

Botica Zobel's legacy found new life through Generika Drugstore, a member of the AC Health Group since 2015. As a pioneer in the retail of quality generic medicines from well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers from around the world, Generika Drugstore continues to influence and shape the retail pharma industry. 

Generika: Expanding Access to Affordable Medicines

In the Philippines, health spending remains largely out-of-pocket. Retired Ayala executive Teodoro L. Ferrer and French social worker Julien B. Belo founded Generika Drugstore when they saw a common struggle among many Filipinos to keep up with the rising costs of medicines.  

From a small store in Montillano, Muntinlupa, in 2004, Generika has grown into a network of over 750 drugstores nationwide. As the retail pharmaceutical arm of AC Health, Generika plays a key role in bridging healthcare gaps by providing access to quality and affordable generic medicines. 

“With so many people hurting from these trying times, our value proposition of providing access to quality generic medicines that can provide as much as 85% savings versus the leading brands should resonate more. Filipinos need not deprioritize their health to meet other pressing needs. They can access our portfolio of quality and affordable generic medicines and our PLUS Services across our network of stores and in the communities we serve,” said Generika Drugstore President and CEO Atty. Yet Abarca.

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Over the years, Generika Drugstore has been a valued and trusted partner to various organizations and local government units in improving healthcare in the country. Apart from medical missions and other charitable causes, the company also educates the public about the benefits of generic medicines and how they compare with their branded counterparts—an advocacy shared with the Department of Health. This has led to mutual support in pushing for increased public awareness of generic medicines as aligned with the government’s call to improve drug accessibility in the country. 

AC Health: Improving health carefor Filipinos 

Since its establishment 189 years ago, Ayala has deepened its roots in healthcare through AC Health. With its three pillars—pharma, hospitals and clinics, and digital health—AC Health envisions to provide a seamless healthcare experience for every Filipino.

Working closely with Generika, IE Medica and MedEthix serve as AC Health’s key channels to bring in a wider range of affordable medicines for Filipinos. 

With their multi-specialty clinics, ambulatory centers, and full-service hospitals, Healthway and QualiMed complete the entire continuum of patient care.

These services will be made more accessible through the upcoming launch of the new KonsultaMD superapp, which will provide users convenient access to healthcare professionals, ancillary care, and medicine delivery.

“At AC Health, we always underpin everything we do with our vision of building an integrated healthcare ecosystem. We continuously endeavor to innovate and drive synergies within our network to provide Filipinos a seamless and holistic healthcare experience,” said AC Health President and CEO Paolo Borromeo.

By the third quarter of this year, AC Health will open the country’s first dedicated cancer hospital. The Healthway Cancer Care Hospital will offer a complete range of cancer services, from screening, diagnosis, treatment, to post-cancer care. It will be focused on improving the overall patient experience and enabling multi-disciplinary cancer care.