Fans doubt ‘KMJS’ episode on girl who stole money to buy P2 M K-pop  merchandise 

Is it a true story or marketing strategy? 

Fans are up in arms against an episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” for featuring a Filipino girl who allegedly stole money so she could buy more than P2 million worth of K-pop merchandise.

In the episode, a girl named “Bea” stole money from her grandmother to purchase different merchandise such as photo cards and albums of K-pop idols such as ENHYPEN, NCT, BTS and BLACKPINK.   


K-pop fan “Bea” (right, middle photo) and her aunt (Screenshots from “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”)

“Napapasaya po kasi ako kapag ina-unbox ko (I feel happy when I unbox them),” she said. “Hindi ko po in-expect na aabot sa P2 million [about $36,300] (I did not expect that it would reach P2 million)>”

Her aunt, “Jasmine,” said “Bea” could not answer how much was the total of her purchases. 

“Wala na po akong pera na sarili ko kaya yung pinangbayad ko po is yung galing kay grandma (I no longer have personal money so what I used to pay was money that came from grandma),” said Bea. 

Her grandma “Agnes” said, “Gipit na gipit ako tapos ganon-ganon lang ginawa ni … Ba’t nagawa mo sa akin yan? (I was in need of money and she just did that…How could you do this to me?”

According to the episode, Bea was raised by her grandma, who has a plastic bag store in a public market in Quezon City. Bea was employed by her grandma, earning P350 [about $6.40) per day. 

As Bea’s K-pop merchandise collection grew, her grandma’s capital depleted and she owed money worth P2 million to suppliers. 

The family realized that the missing money from the store was used by Bea to buy K-pop merchandise. 

In order to pay the suppliers, Agnes said they are finding ways to sell their car and house. 

“Grabe na ang ginawang nakaw (The stealing was too much),” said Agnes. 

As of the last count, Bea’s K-pop merchandise collection is now worth P2.7 million (about $49,000).

Her aunt said they are going to sell Bea’s merchandise to generate money and are hoping that K-pop fans will help them. 

However, Pinoy K-pop fans are doubting Bea’s story and criticized Jessica Soho for featuring her. 

The topics “#CANCELKPOPJAGIYAPH,” “KMJS” and “Jessica Sojo” trended on Twitter. 

The Twitter account “Bea’s KPop Collection” at @kpopjagiyaph is the store that is selling Bea’s merchandise. 

Fans said Bea’s family is not poor and claimed that it is a marketing strategy for Bea’s family to sell K-pop merchandise. 

“DO NOT BUY FROM @kpopjagiyaph ‼ this is all planned. here’s the recent post of Des Batas, Bea’s sister, 5 days ago, before airing the episode of KMJS. future CEO? SWAROVSKI? nag hihirap yan te?? #CANCELKPOPJAGIYAPH,” one fan posted on Twitter. 

“#CANCELKPOPJAGIYAPH This is all scripted,” another fan wrote. 

Another posted, “I mean, if ever na marketing strategy lang pala talaga, THE DAMAGE THEY BROUGHT TO KP0P BNS COMMUNITY IN PH CANNOT BE UNDONE, NADUMIHAN NA. Some of us were put at risk na. Napaka-selfish niyo. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS @KM_Jessica_Soho  #CANCELKPOPJAGIYAPH.” 

On Twitter, Bea’s aunt wrote, “Getting our family’s money back and making sure that Bea is okay are our top priorities.”

“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” has not issued any statement about the issue as of this writing.