It’s official! Medical Depot announces MD Studio Live and partnership with Jason Fernandez

Singer-songwriter Mr. Jason Fernandez signed a partnership with Medical Depot for the company’s latest initiative, “MD Studio Live” Youtube channel.

MD Studio Live is the newest platform that seeks to showcase the best and most talented local artists of today. To pioneer the channel, former Rivermaya frontman Jason will release new original songs with his own band Sta. Maria via MD Studio Live.

As part of the company’s advocacy to support the Philippine music industry, MD Studio Live will nurture the Filipinos’ love for good music. Through this platform, professional artists and content creators can flex their creative talents and sing to their heart’s content. MD Studio Live also aims to cultivate the new and upcoming talent of the generation.

Rudy Medina, Medical Depot Chairman; Jason Fernandez, and Baby Medina, Medical Depot Vice Chairman

Not only does MD Studio Live champion the music industry, its future revenue shall also augment Medical Depot’s current and future social responsibility programs. These initiatives are composed of activities such as charitable pursuits for Members Church of God International’s MCGI Cares, its main beneficiary.

Helming the line-up for MD Studio Live is Jason Fernandez, former head vocalist of Rivermaya. Set for numerous exciting song numbers, each video is geared for electrifying and unforgettable performances.

Medical Depot is a highly-recognized and trusted one-stop shop of medical and hospital supplies, with MD Studio Live as part of its ongoing MD Cares initiative. Follow them for more upcoming initiatives.