‘Nakakahiya,’ ‘NAIA’ trend on Twitter as fans slam staff about ENHYPEN’s security check 

Fans of K-pop boy band ENHYPEN took to Twitter to express their anger at an employee at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. 

ENHYPEN finished their “Manifesto” world tour in Manila on Feb. 5 and boarded their flight back to South Korea on the same day. 

ENHYPEN members going through screening at NAIA Terminal 1 (Screenshots from @heyitsdemianne video on TikTok)

A video of ENHYPEN members going through security screening at NAIA Terminal 1 was posted on TikTok. 

The video showed a female employee at the airport frisking ENHYPEN members and asking them to pull down their face masks. Frisking is part of screening at the airport. 

Fans were angered by the actions of the unidentified NAIA employee resulting in the topics “nakakahiya” (embarrassing) and “NAIA” to trend on Twitter. 

Here are some of the comments by fans on the video, which was posted on Twitter: 

- “@MIAAGovPH your employee is unprofessional and disgusting! We want you to take an action to this issue.”

- “Heeseung and niki looks uncomfortable nung kinapkapan sila (when they were frisked)”

- “ayos lg kung kapkapan e pero why naman babae (frisking is okay but why it is a female)”

- “why naman ganyan staff nyo (Why is your staff like that?)” 

- “Trip mo ate, asan professionalism (Your trip, where is the professionalism)”

- “It's so disgusting pls”

- “And Jake looked so confused by the action”

The Twitter account ENHYPEN ASIA @AsiaEnhypen sent a message to the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) and got a reply.

"RE: NAIA STAFF UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR, SECRET FILMING, AND ABUSING OF POWER DUE TO AUTHORITY. @MIAAGovPH already responded to our message and said to look on it furthermore. Once we received a response from them again, we will surely update everyone."

The MIAA has yet to issue a statement as of this writing.