Why Isko Moreno is yet to meet 'balae' Diego Castro

Despite sharing a grandson, actor-politician Isko Moreno and broadcaster Diego Castro are yet to meet.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Isko cleared there's "no issue at all," only that the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet.

But he reiterated he is available anytime.

More than anything, Isko believes the meet-up should be initiated by his son Joaquin Domagoso and Diego's daughter Raffa Castro.

"I want them: 'Okay, may laya kayo. Just tell us when, where, what,'" he related, adding: "Ayokong nangingialam sa ano man yung gusto nilang gawin bilang mag-asawa. Kasi yun din naman ginawa ko dati... So those are the things that I don't touch unless asked."

Has he tried reaching out to the other camp?

Isko shared they already met Raffa's mom, Diego's ex-wife, Raven Villanueva, a former actress, years ago. Their families even celebrated New Year together.

The former Mayor of Manila, on the other hand, pointed out he's just letting Joaquin and Raffa decide for themselves.

"Ayokong sakupin... pangunahan," was how he put it.

He also made clear Joaquin being a father at 20 was never consciously hidden from the public.

"But by not saying it, is giving respect to the person who did it," Isko maintained, referring to both Joaquin and Raffa.

"Privacy nila yun, sila maglabas."

Recall that after months of speculations about Joaquin having sired a baby out of wedlock, Isko ended the rumors by admitting he's now a grandfather.

It was only after he said so that Diego also opened up about it.

Diego also shared his two cents on why Isko is yet to communicate with them.

“When we’re all ready, I’m sure siguro mag-a-aabutan kami both at the same time. Ayoko silang i-pressure kasi ang importante yung family ng anak ko tsaka ni JD, masaya,” Diego said then.

“Now, they’re starting. Medyo, siyempre, may mga problems na kailangan ayusin. Mga bata pa sila. So ang importante nandun ako for them, nandun si Isko for them kahit hindi pa kami nagkikita, ganun na muna. Okay yun.”

How about wedding plans?

Diego related that Raffa and Joaquin did ask his opinion about the matter.

“Sabi ko kay JD: ‘Just because you got my daughter pregnant, you’re not force to get married. When you’re ready. Kasi alam ko yan. Nangyari sa akin yan.’ So I don’t want them to commit the same mistake.”