Joey G signs with Widescope’s Icons Music

Topnotch singer Joey Generoso (3rd from left) recently signs with Icons Music, a division of Widescope Entertainment Corporation. With the celebrated ex-Side A vocalist are (from left) Widescope music and entertainment director Neil Gregorio, Widescope president Vic de Vera, and Joey G.’s manager-wife Girlie Generoso. 

One of Philippine music scene’s first-rate singers, Joey Generoso, is reactivating his colorful journey by signing up with a music label that caters well to artists like him. The very name of the label matches his industry status: Icons Music.

Apart from the formal signing, the release of Joey G.’s first digital single with the label is something to be thrilled about. The new song “Letting You Go” is bound to give his storied career a new chapter, one that fans of his voice and music have been longing for.

“Never thought this could happen/ Things have changed since way back then,” said the opening line of what is deemed a much-awaited return-to-the-scene piece of the beloved former lead vocalist of the legendary Side A.

It’s actually not impossible for someone like Joey G. to be signed up by a label emphasizing the value of artists who paved the way for the new breed to get into the artist scene having role models worth-emulating. But it’s true that a lot has changed since Joey G. decided to part ways with the group that gave him his first taste of fame, and more importantly, numerous hit songs primarily associated with his voice.

Interestingly, the latest lineup of Side A likewise signed up with Icons Music. A possible reunion project between the famous band and its most celebrated lead singer is not in the works. Yet, with the twists and turns that made the country’s music industry filled with beautiful subplots, such is not an impossibility. Fan clamor may likely play a big role for that to happen.

Icons Music is a division of Widescope Entertainment which is among the relatively new labels aggressively producing records and carrying envelope-pushing artists, including marquee names like Sitti and Ebe Dancel who have made it as their new home.

Joey G. recently signed the contract in the presence of Vic de Vera and Neil Gregorio, two of the top honchos of Widescope Entertainment. They are also men who know the worth of a Joey G. and believe in the depth of the man’s talent and creativity. For them, the voice behind Side A classics like “Forevermore,” “So Many Questions,” and “Hold On” has some more fuel left in his tank. That in singing covers Joey G. has excelled, with songs like Joey Albert’s “Tell Me” and Labuyo’s “Ikaw Pa Rin” engagingly revitalized under his care, is a force on its own that never gets old.

With Joey G. backed by music industry experts, listeners may expect new hits and a bunch of delightful covers to rule the airwaves and digital realm featuring his familiarly strong voice.

“Letting Go,” for one, beautifully sounds as a reminder that the A-lister as we know it remains in touch with his sentiments as a singer born to interpret would-be hit songs and entertain gig and concert audiences to the hilt. The song’s composer and record producer Ian Tan ensured that the singer’s new tune to be released in this love month delivers just that. Joey G. is back ever-strong and fabulously sentimental.