Cherry Introduces Its Power Saving Smart Universal Extension Cord

Cherry constantly expands technological innovations improving quality and ease of life as it introduces its Cherry Home Smart Universal Extension Cord.

As we use different gadgets to spice up our daily life, we also need built-in safety features to keep them secured. Cherry Home Smart Universal Extension Cord is useful to keep tabs on your consumption. Devices and appliances can be set up with a schedule and timer that can be utilized to assist in energy conservation. Users can instruct the device to take action on its own with the use of a Wi-Fi or data connection and the Cherry Home application. Additionally, you can use Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. It allows you to remotely manage the linked gadgets, providing more comfort and control.

It comes with universal sockets that are compatible with 16A high power sockets and 5V USB ports. Moreover, it has flame retardants to either stop or contain the spread of fire. Limit the potential harm from overcharging electronic devices.

Bring home your Cherry Home Smart Universal Extension Cord for ₱1,619.