Richard Juan makes noise over Derek Ramsay displaying PH flag in own home

TV host-actor Richard Juan reacted to a video that Ellen Adarna posted on social media.

It shows Ellen's husband, actor Derek Ramsay, putting up a Philippine flag on their balcony.

She wrote, "I like the view (face with tears of joy emojis) #proudpinoy."

Ellen deemed Derek's effort "patriotic."

She then focused the camera to a neighbor’s house which displayed two red banners with Chinese characters on them.

Richard, a Chinese-Filipino, related: "The sad truth is, despite HUNDREDS OF YEARS of history in the Philippines, it’s the unwelcoming actions like this that makes us Chinoys feel like we STILL don’t belong here (crying face emoji) #ProudChinoy."

His comment was met with mixed reactions.

Some sided with him while others thought it unnecessary bellyaching.

Richard later apologized for using the "wrong words."

He related: "I acknowledge that I'm one of the few privileged but it's a fact that many Chinoys who spent most their lives here sometimes feel that they don't truly belong. Eg my WWII vet grandpa who til this day still gets called intsik beho."

"I see many people say that all the major tycoons and biz owners are Chinoys but I don't think it's fair to be comparing the experiences + privileges of the 0.1% of the Chinoys to the other 99.9%...that most do not see and are not aware of," he added. "But at the same time, I appreciate some of the healthy discussion regarding the historical Chinese-Filipino relationships."

Richard ended the whole thing with this statement: "Just because some Chinoys may not have Filipino blood does not mean we are not Pinoy; Chinoys are Pinoys."