Sharon Cuneta emotional as daughter Miel graduates

Megastar Sharon Cuneta couldn't be prouder with her youngest daughter Miel finishing high school.

On Instagram, the 57-year-old singer-actress uploaded Miel's graduation photo.

In the caption, Sharon expressed her frustration with Miel soon starting college.

She wrote: "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!! Now you’re graduating and are going off to college na ren after a year-off to enjoy life first?!!!"

According to Sharon, if there's really a time-traveling machine she'd invest her life savings into it so she could be with Miel's baby-self.

"But I am so very proud of you - and this High School completion didn’t come easy for you and many others - having to do lots of online stuff and dealing with Covid lockdowns…," she related.

She then asked Miel if she really wants to study abroad, before pleading for her to just stay in the Philippines.

"Oh well…you know Dad & Mama will give you what you want, even if it’ll hurt to be away from you…)"

Recall that in 2021 Sharon penned a sweet send-off for Frankie, who left the country to study in New York.