Alyssa Valdez shares health update

Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate and volleyball star Alyssa Valdez is on her way to recovery.

Just recently, she took to social media to update fans about it.

She wrote: "long way to go but slow progress is still progress."

Alyssa also shared behind-the-scenes photos and videos of her undergoing treatment.

"I was so scared to take that first step, single leg squats and a lot more exercises. Grabe!! Just grateful to all the people who have been supporting and helping me - my doctors, pts & my @coolsmashers family," she said.

"Doing my therapy during training time (& @rehub) dahil kahit pinapanuod ko lang sila it gives me hope to be back on court in no time!!"

She then hopes her post will inspire and motivate followers.

"It could be the smallest thing or situation in front of you," she related. "Fighting (heart emoji)."

Late last year when Alyssa's team revealed she has injured her right knee in a game.