In as much as I support the notion of new year’s resolutions, and the mere fact that I do set goals for myself on a regular basis, I also do believe that there is no right or wrong time for resolutions. In other words, the time is now, and this very moment is as good a time as any other. If we are really wanting to change something about ourselves, and if we are sincerely looking to better an aspect of our character, our life, or our behavior, why wait till an occasion – like the new year – to do so? Change happens in a regular basis, and if we are to evolve and progress with the rest of the world, we must be proactive in our decisions. That being said however, the new year is always a good time to reset and reflect – on what has been, what is, and then shift our mindset toward what can become. And with that, and because I too am wanting to jump on the bandwagon somehow, here are some resolutions and reflections that the end of the year brought about.

First and foremost, as the world returns to normal, and the paces of our lives have returned to multiple face to face activities and events per day, may we make it a point to remember some of the bold things living in and through a pandemic taught us. The likes of making meaningful choices and purposeful decisions when contemplating. For instance, in deciding whether or not an event is special enough to attend, or if our physical presence really does matter, and will make a difference, let us always think about what we are trading our time for. Is it a choice that years from now we will be happy with?

Let us remember to be kind to ourselves. In the midst of pandemonium and frenzy, to gift ourselves with gentle moments to gather our thoughts, collect ourselves and always evaluate our life, our happiness and contentment. Am I living a life of meaning and purpose? Am I dedicating my time (and spare time) to things and people that matter? Am I enjoying the life I am living? What is it that I can change about myself that can make my life more meaningful and substantial? These are just a few introspective questions we may catch ourselves thinking about from time to time, but which truly make a world of a difference when we choose to act up on it.

Remember the people who were with you at the roughest points of your life. I was recently talking to someone who told me that she will never forget those who went through the highs and lows of the pandemic with her because those are truly the people, we can consider our core. I do not know if this makes full sense, but I have always believed that how you go through your lowest of lows – how you act, treat others, yourself and the situation – will define who you are, and who you will become at your highest of highs. May everyday be a reminder to us never to forget those who were there for us when the rest of the world may have seemingly walked away, or simply, thought otherwise. These are the people that may lie low in your glory days, but who you know you can, and will always be able to count on.
This year, may we continue to consider the small tidbits of life that make quite a staunch difference and that create ripples of prominent change. May we never take these small things for granted ever again. As I always say, these truly are the big things.