Top 5 reasons why you should be on Bondee now!

See you, neighbor!

You may have overheard your friends talking and raving about Bondee—the new "it" app taking over the internet. It’s basically a space in the metaverse where you can "bond" with your friends and family, live with them next door, and update them whereever they may be.

The social networking platform was developed by Singapore-based firm Metadream that just launched this month. It is "a meeting place for good friends in the Metaverse, a space where I can honestly share my feelings and emotions and communicate with my friends" as Bondee described.

Think of it as "The Sims" or "Animal Crossing" but more accessible like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined where you can update your status, chat with friends, design your own space, and express yourself through your avatar.

If you still don’t get the hype, we've curated a list of reasons to convince you why you should download the app.

Get personal

Move over memoji, Bondee can take it from here. This new platform offers more customizations than iphone’s memoji—from pets, accessories, full OOTD looks, to even pimples when you’re breaking out. From colored hair, face art, beard, type of bag, shoes, and socks to match, you can customize your looks from head to toe.

Create your safe space

If you’re also looking into decorating your space without spending a lot, you can do so on your personal space. Whether you like a bed or sofa on your room or a photocopy machine beside your office table, it’s all up to you! Oh, and did we mention you can hang frames and upload your favorite pictures? Your friends and neighbors can also pay you a visit—invited or uninvited. They can even leave you a note when you’re not home. Sounds fun, right?

When actions speak louder than words

From being stuck in the office, doing Ikebana, playing console, spreading love, getting a coffee drip, or even floating, you can let your friends know how you’re feeling even without typing a word. On the home page, you can see what your friends are doing in just one screen.

More than just a chatroom

This could actually be one of our most favorite features in the app. Getting to go to a picnic together, ride a swing, camping, clubbing, or even just sitting on a sofa, the app shows your avatar doing activities together while you’re in a chatroom and makes it feel more real than just "texting." Seeing your avatar and your friends’ avatars hangout even just on metaverse feels more personal.

Sharing moments

Just like the other social media apps, you can also share moments and photos through your avatars. You can see what they have been up to by visiting their profiles and seeing the logs they have made their feed and reacting to it if you want to give them a subtle "hey."

So if you’re looking to hangout without the commitment of braving the traffic and spending money, Bondee might just be the app that you're looking for.

Download the app here.

Image source: Bondee