Dominic Rubio's 'Illustrado' exhibit is now in Galleria Nicolas

Wows guests with his latest creations, a perfect curtain-raiser for the new gallery

Galleria Nicolas Managing Director Carla de Jesus-Teotico and Artist Dominic Rubio

Galleria Nicolas recently opened their newest branch on the third floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati City. The opening exhibit is titled "Ilustrados," featuring works by well-known contemporary visual artist Dominic Rubio. The second in a trilogy of one-man exhibits, "Ilustrados" is Rubio’s way of paying homage to the educated Filipino middle-class during the Spanish colonial period.

Known for his artistic technique called "miniaturismo," Rubio’s works are instantly recognizable—human figures with elongated necks and a special attention to accoutrements like canes, hats, shoes, kerchiefs, and fans as well as garment designs and embroidery. His works are often set in Spanish-era Philippines, but recently has gone into surreal work—melding the historical and the fantastic.

Artist Dominic Rubio

"Now, I value my freedom," Rubio explained. During a chat with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle at the opening ceremony of Galleria Nicolas. "When I was still a new artist, I would stick to the correct historical images. I would look at books, prints, anything to make my works historically accurate. Now, I’m free. I can feel that I can put anything I want there."

Freedom indeed. Rubio’s recent works depict his figures riding planes, vespas, cars, all still set on a Spanish colonial aesthetic. It works because it’s Rubio.

New space
Galleria Nicolas is situated in a very coveted space in Greenbelt. It took the Covid-19 lockdowns for that space to become free. "We have been looking for a space in Greenbelt for quite a while now. When we found out that a space was finally free, we immediately grabbed it," shared Galleria Nicolas managing director Carla de Jesus-Teotico.

The space is located on the third floor of posh Greenbelt 5. The gallery itself has a decidedly open aesthetic, with rooms and spaces divided mostly by clear glass panes. The front of the gallery is one big glass window and looks like a picture frame to viewers from the outside.

There’s also a roof access in the gallery, and according to Teotico, will become a space for exhibits and events in the future.

"Galleria Nicolas will continue to curate breathtaking works of art that appeal to newer and younger audiences, presenting them in quiet, relaxed spaces that serve as an escape from the busy streets of the metropolis. With our new branch in Greenbelt 5, Galleria Nicolas will continue to serve as a bridge between a new generation of artists and art enthusiasts," added Teotico.

The new Galleria Nicolas is located at 3/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City. For inquiries call +63 936 225 1226 or +632 7 0071137, or email [email protected]. Like Galleria Nicolas on Facebook or follow @gallerianicolas on Instagram for exhibit updates.