We have to level up our services to Pasiguenos – VM Dodot

Published January 23, 2023, 2:12 PM

by Khriscielle Yalao

Pasig City Vice Mayor Robert “Dodot” Jaworski Jr. urged local government employees to further “level up” their services to Pasiguenos.


During the flag raising ceremony on Monday morning, Jan. 23, Jaworski spoke on behalf of Mayor Vico Sotto, who was absent at the event due to an official work trip. Jaworski is acting mayor for the week until Sotto’s return.

He called on the various departments to finish their programs of work.

The city council could not calculate and submit a proposed budget for the respective projects of the offices without their programs of work, Jaworski said.

He reminded them of the big responsibility given to public service workers, recalling their mandate to deliver optimum services to the people.

“Your reputation is only as good as your work. Pag sinabi mo, gawin mo. Habang tayo ay araw-araw na umiikot, ‘yung mga pinapangako po natin sa baba ay kailangan natin i-deliver sa mga Pasigueno. Pag hindi natin na-ideliver ito, hindi lang kayo ang masisira. Masisira ang pangalan ni Mayor Vico, at buong city government ng ating lungsod (If you say it, then do it. While we make the rounds in the city, we need to deliver on the promises we make to Pasiguenos. If we don’t deliver, your name, Mayor Vico’s name, and the whole city government’s reputation will be tarnished),” Jaworski stressed.

“The city government is one team. Ang ginagawa ninyo sa baba ay repleksyon ng leadership namin sa loob ng city hall. Ang ginagawa rin namin sa loob ng city hall ay repleksyon din ninyo sa pagharap ninyo sa ating mamamayan at lungsod (What you do on the ground is a reflection of our leadership. What we do in the city hall also reflects on you and your interactions with our citizens),” the vice mayor added.

He noted how there are many who put to heart their work, while there are those who only work efficiently in the presence of their supervisors or government officials.

Jaworski encouraged all employees to work diligently and properly, as well as cherish the opportunity to work in public service.

He noted that aside from the 10,000 individuals currently employed in the city hall, there are over 16,000 applicants who want to serve in the local government.

The local government is working towards providing all employees with equitable benefits, as part of their Good Governance Initiative.

Jaworski also assured the employees that the city council and his own office, the Office of the Vice Mayor, are always open to any of their concerns.