Published January 23, 2023, 9:50 AM

by John Legaspi

Carlos Esteban Trinidad takes everyone on a journey of transformation

Since the 1970s, Carlos Esteban Trinidad has been creating art that aims to invoke in its viewers appreciation for beautiful things. Influenced by the Philippine art scene’s icons such as Vicente Manansala, Malang, and Manuel Baldemor, to name a few, he became a newspaper artist and worked with multinational advertising firms abroad. He later established his own design firm in the country. This time, the artist starts the new year with a transformational journey through abstraction.

The exhibit “Metanoia” presents abstract portraits of colors in motion. Unlike his early works, which featured local figurative scenarios and the vibrancy of human life, his newest collection provides an opportunity for viewers to be more involved as they marvel at his paintings. 

“Abstraction gives me the freedom to communicate heart and soul,” the artist says. “I have to decide to recalibrate and do a series of paintings in abstract format. This has become a new season for creating new dreams and goals.”

Working on it for more than a year, “Metanoia” started with him deciding on the artworks’ form. Then comes the color to give it life. Line, texture, pattern, and composition then come in to express his feelings and thoughts. Each piece is a window to an idyllic realm Carlos is creating—optimistic and full of hope.

Shining with Hope is an uplifting image with the warm hues of dancing flames, much like a phoenix rising. A contrast of light and dark tones plays in Forever Moving, as if encouraging the viewers to see the brighter side of life amid all the chaos. Bridging Gaps and Affirming Friendships give a kaleidoscope view representing the things we have in common. 

“Abstract paintings and drawings are a hunting ground of visual highlights,” Carlos muses. “My work has to excite me, motivating me to do something extraordinary, to step up to a more visual contentment.”

For Carlos, art is a continuous process of discovery. Upon exploring abstraction, he figured out that he feels more comfortable sharing his thoughts and emotions by using bold lines rendered with vibrant color palettes colonizing his canvas. 

“Exploring and searching is necessary for my artistic venture,” he says. “This has become a new season for creating new dreams and goals. With determination, I deconstructed my style and in the process, I uncovered shapes, lines, shadows, and colors in surprising new places and spaces.”

‘Metanoia’ is on display at Altro Mondo Creative Space Gallery in Makati City until Feb. 18.