SmarTrade and ATFX to guide more Filipinos navigate online trading in 2023

Published January 21, 2023, 8:30 AM

by MB Technews

SmarTrade and ATFX celebrate half a decade of fruitful partnership during SmarTrade’s 5th anniversary gala. In photo are Journey Zeng-Cheng, ATFX Southeast Asia Business Development Manager; Martin Lam, ATFX Chief Analyst of Asia Pacific; Weems Chan, ATFX Global Head of Marketing and Branding; Jeffrey Siu, ATFX Chief Operating Officer; Jeff Hsu, ATFX CEO for Southeast Asia, with his wife and son; Joyce Mayo, SmarTrade President and CEO; and Kat Salagan, SmarTrade Marketing Director.

As many of us march forward to a post-pandemic world, industries now bear a more positive outlook of the New Year, and 2023 can be an opportune time to build your generational wealth.

For this reason, SmarTrade, a financial consulting firm, and its partner, globally-acclaimed broker, ATFX, gear up for more activities to bring free financial education to more Filipinos in the country.

Already in its 5th year in the Philippines, SmarTrade provides free learning sessions and one-on-one coaching and consulting on online trading that cater to all levels of traders – from beginners to seasoned professionals. These online and face-to-face events have reached more than 40,000 Filipinos all over the country and provided foundational knowledge on how to trade online.

ATFX supplements this initiative with its trading platform that allows investors to trade online with confidence at their own convenience.

Online trading has significantly grown over the years and will continue to expand the trading market in this age. With this outlook, SmarTrade will continue to advocate educating more Filipinos on how they can learn about online trading and make it a viable source of income. In the pipeline for 2023 are seminars, roadshows, as well as partnerships with various organizations to reach more people across the nation.

Aside from the business goals of this partnership, SmarTrade and ATFX also work together in several nation-building programs in service to the Filipino communities. These included disaster relief programs and environmental conservation efforts, among others.

“The last five years were a testament to a fruitful and productive partnership with ATFX in bringing numerous opportunities to the Filipino community in terms of wealth-building and sound financial management,” notes Joyce Mayo, President & CEO of SmarTrade. “SmarTrade and ATFX have worked together in the pursuit of common goals and we are more than excited of what the next five or ten years will bring.”

“We are delighted that many people now realize the importance of sound financial management. Working with SmarTrade the past years has been a journey of learning, discovery, and growth, and we at ATFX are happy to have been a part of it. We believe our journey continues to be full of new experiences and ideas. We are excited to see what lies ahead for the Filipino people,” says Jeff Hsu, CEO for Southeast Asia of ATFX.

This 2023 will be another year for SmarTrade and ATFX to push forward with their advocacies of uplifting the Filipino family by giving them another source of income in their path toward financial independence.

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