‘No logic amending a law that has not been tested yet’ : Lacson on law prescribing fixed terms for key AFP posts

Former Senator Panfilo M. Lacson said Congress has the power to amend any law.

Lacson, former chairman of the Senate national defense committee, issued the statement on proposed amendments on the law granting fixed terms for top Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) officials.

‘“I don’t see the wisdom or logic in amending a new law which has not been tested yet,” Lacson said.

‘“In fact, the final version is generally the same as the original legislative proposal submitted by the AFP and DND with some amendments of course,” he added.

“Further the IRR (Implementing Rules and Regulations) crafted by the former DND officials led by ex (Department of National Defense OIC (Officer in Charge Jose) Faustino (Jr.) does not conform with the provisions of the law,” Lacson pointed out.

Having said that, according to Lacson, only Congress has the power to amend any law.

The new law fixed a three-year term for any AFP chief of staff.

This ended the “revolving” appointments of AFP chiefs of staff where their tenure lasts for a few months.

Lacson earlier said that there is information that Faustino mentioned to some of his close associates that he would resign if Lt. General Bartolome Bacarro would be replaced.

This could have triggered rumors of “mass resignation” at the DND, he pointed out.

Bacarro was replaced by newly-designated AFP chief of staff General Andres Centimo.