MOVIEGOER: Hollywood gossip in review

Tom Cruise (AFP)

One of the pleasures of scanning through Facebook is having followed a site called Icons.

A chronicler of entertainment news past and present, the site reports and interprets stories about Hollywood celebrities with a keen, insightful eye. Surely, the element of rumor isn’t discounted, but there is usually an attempt at providing balance to whatever is presented on the table.

Icons isn’t concerned not just with timely headlines as they happen. It looks back and refreshes viewers with explanations on why this and that happened to so and so, such and such.

For instance, we learn about the following twists and turns in the lives of our favorite stars.

Richard Gere is being criticized for having become a first-time father so late in the day, in his 70s. Some people called him irresponsible, but Richard said age should not be an impediment to happiness.

Icons traces the Hollywood star’s string of romantic affairs only to find a permanent home in Spanish journalist Alejandra da Silva, with whom he now has two children.


Tom Cruise’s two failed marriages are being blamed on his devotion to Shintoism.

A member of the sect revealed that he was ordered to break the marriage between Tom and Nicole Kidman at whatever cost. Tom has also reportedly sold most of his real estate property to donate to his church.

Danielle Radcliffe had to wait until he came of age to find out how much he earned from the series of Harry Potter films that he did as a child-teen.

He had amassed close to 90 million dollars sitting in the bank, and which he put in investments. Danielle lives simply, getting low income from new projects, while looking at his growing investments. He says he prefers a simple, austere life, choosing to work only on projects that he believes in.

Justin Bieber blasts at his wife, Hailey, and covered by paparazzi. Icons analyzes the pop singer’s aggressive behavior in public and advises him to learn to handle his impulses, a sign of what it called immaturity of a child.

Icons wondered whether or not a previously covered scene wherein Bieber slapped Hailey’s face was merely an act, a joke or whatever.


Did Princess Diana cause a rift between Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone when all three met at a party in Elton John’s mansion in Los Angeles?

Both men reportedly showed interest in Lady Di, who by then had just divorced her husband, Prince Charles.


Envy reportedly broke the friendship between Mariah Carey and Brenda K Starr. Early in her career, Mariah was taken in by Brenda to be a back-up singer.

Finding her talent amazing, Brenda gave Mariah’s voice demo to Tommy Matola of Sony Music, who immediately offered Mariah a millionaire contract.

Not long after, the friendship between the two singers was ruined by ego and envy.

Chris O’Donnel, who made a sensational debut as a lead in Scent of a Woman, is now a private citizen running a pizza business.

According to Icons, industry folk blame the movie, Batman & Robin (he played Robin) for his downfall. It was a total flop from which he never recovered.

Brendan Fraser is another sidelined actor, caught on camera as a fat, old man. Gone is the dazzling look of the Bedazzled actor.