LOOK: Iya Villania shows post-delivery body

She's embracing every stage of child birth and beyond

Giving birth to four children is no easy feat. And while Iya Villania-Arellano is one fit preggy mom, she is does not escape the challenges of getting back in shape, post giving birth.

In her Instagram stories, shortly after she gave birth, she shared a few snippets of her experiences being a mom-of-four. This includes the usual dextrose hooked to her arm, and a selfie photo with her baby boy Astro.

Aside from these usual posts, the new mom-of-four also shared a selfie photo of her happy and another one that normalizes how mom's bodies look like just right after giving birth.

She bares everything that came along with giving birth, including stretch marks, the "big" belly, and the inverted belly button—and it's normal, indeed!