Acquire BPO donates Moderna vaccines to QC

Business process outsourcing company Acquire BPO has donated Moderna vaccines to Quezon City to beef up the local government’s inoculation program.

In a statement, Scott Stavretis, Acquire BPO chief executive officer, said they partnered with the Quezon City local government for the administration of over 10,000 Moderna vaccine doses in the most populated city in the country.

“Quezon City is home to four of our offices that employ around 1,500 people,” Stavretis said.“It’s a great city of almost three million people, and we want to give back and continue to help successful vaccination programs.”

Currently, Stavretis said all of Acquire’s employees have access to free vaccines.

“And now, by partnering with local government units to precipitate vaccinations as and when supplies become available, Acquire BPO does its part in kicking the economy back into gear, a little bit at a time,” he said.

In Quezon City, Acquire noted that driving up the local government unit’s vaccination statistics has been particularly difficult.

As the most populated city in the country, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte and her team of employees, experts, and volunteers have covered all their bases to make sure that the citizens perform what is now considered to be their civic duty, Acquire said.

“ done everything you can think of,” said Belmonte, who is on the cusp of her second term as the city’s chief elected official.

“We’ve done vaccination drives in churches—the support of the clergy has been extremely helpful—and gated communities and in public schools... we’re giving no one an excuse to skip,” she added.

“Even if you’re not from the city, you can come and get your dose; if we can protect one more person, that’s what matters to us. We’re so thankful to for their generosity; it will go a long way,” Belmonte further stated.

Maria Lourdes Eleria, the Quezon City Health Department officer, said she can attest to the months of work on the part of the local government unit.

“This is where most of our budget has gone, because we have to protect one another. Most groups are reactive rather than proactive,” Elyria said, “and I am proud to say that Quezon City has been proactive. But there is still a lot of work to do, and this donation is a great help.”