Maureen Wroblewitz: 'I already have someone'

Actress-beauty queen Maureen Wroblewitz made a bit of noise via TikTok recently, uploading on the platform a video of her playing with the Cards Against Humanity filter.

There, it said that she will have more of "men" in 2023.

Maureen made a face.

Her caption read, "I’m just kidding lol I already have someone (eyes emojis)."

It received mixed reactions.

Some of the comments:

"Yung may bago na agad (skull emoji)."

"Nung June pa sila nag break, di naman mabilis."

Maureen corrected the fan, writing, "May actually."

Her breakup with singer JK Labajo was made public last June.

Meanwhile, someone asked Maureen: "Kala ko b nagbreak para sa career."

She replied: "It is!!! I’ll share my plan when the time comes.. but it’s not yet time."

Recall that in JK's goodbye message then, he noted how he wants to see his ex-partner succeed.

"I love seeing you achieve your dreams. You will. We will. Here's to growth and love for ourselves. For there is no greater love than self-love."

On the other hand, others encourage Maureen to reveal her "someone."

She answered: "When the time is right (smiling face with three hearts emoji)."

Recall that last month Maureen created buzz reposting an Instagram story of a man and a woman getting cozy on a swing.