Ivan Co brings his sculptures featured in a book honoring the late Queen Elizabeth II to Manila

Published December 15, 2022, 7:55 AM

by John Legaspi

He is the only Filipino included in the ‘Strive for Perfection: The Official Platinum Jubilee Edition’ book

Bejeweled wonders—that’s how many described the sculptures of Filipino artist Ivan Co. They’re such majestic creations that they made their way to a book honoring the 70-year legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

Artist Ivan Co with wife Dior Co and daughter Elise Co

Dubbed “Strive for Perfection: The Official Platinum Jubilee Edition,” the coffeetable book is published by prestigious car club International Club for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts (RREC) and publisher St. James’s House. It not only celebrates the life of Her Majesty the Queen, but also features a selection of luxury brands from around. One of the many to secure a spot in the 500-page book is Ivan with his “Lozenge” and “Orbis” works.

As a talented jewelry maker, Ivan channeled his skills in designing fine accessories in creating his paracosmic sculptures. His works are made using semi-precious metals and gems, resulting to truly captivating and charming kinetic pieces beyond what one can imagine.

“Orbis” and “Lozenge”

“I have always felt obliged to uncover the unknown, to go beyond the boundaries of what we were told,” the artist posted on social media. “These swiveling pieces came from that innate calling to search, discover, and create outside the limits of what the eyes can see. The vast universe expands in a rate that we cannot possibly comprehend. And as beings in this universe, I believe the evolution of our humanity relies on our ability to expand as well. I invite you to enter a new world only you can imagine, to peer into the deepest part of you and find your path to expansion as there lies your grandest version and your greatest power.”

Last November, after presenting his stunning pieces at Grosvenor House London for the book launch, Ivan made his way back home and showcased his sculptures in Manila. Titled “Aurichalcum & Platinum,” his exhibit was held at The Suites at Ayala Land Premier where Filipino art patrons and collectors get a chance to witness the artist’s recognized works and other new concepts.

“Strive for Perfection: The Official Platinum Jubilee Edition” book and Ivan’s “Iubilaeo Sceptre”

Intricate pendulums, revolving globes, and ornate sculptures filled the space, taking the audience to a new magical world. As expected, the sculptures featured in the limited-edition book quickly sold out.

This will not be the last time we, or the world, will see Ivan’s paracosmic works as he is set to do shows in Europe and North America next year.

“I am in the middle of collaborations with art organizations and global partners as of the moment,” Ivan said. “But of course, my focus is still on bringing new concepts into life. So my 2023 will be mostly spent creating art in my workshop.” 

To see more of Ivan Co’s bejeweled wonders, visit @ivancoartist on Instagram or sculpturesbyivanco.wordpress.com.