Kapihan sa MB presents episode that tackles how technology and innovation drive the transformation of a company

Published December 10, 2022, 11:19 AM

by MB Business

Tougher times are upon us. Filipinos, regardless of economic status, feel the impact of high inflation rates. Apart from the economic struggles, the threat of COVID-19 remains. But with hopeful transformation through the power of technology and innovation, we can retain a positive outlook on the future of the Philippines becoming better, stronger, and faster.

At the forefront of this transformation is Aboitiz Group. From being one of the bigger local conglomerates, it is now navigating the business landscape to being the first ‘techglomerate’ in the country. This fairly new business term is often associated with tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Meta. But with traditional businesses shifting to tech-first mindsets, conglomerates will soon transition to being techglomerates.

This transformation can be better understood in the new Kapihan sa MB special two-part episode airing on December 12, and December 14, at 3 PM. Mr. Felino Bernardo, Chief Operating Officer of AboitizPower’s Thermal Business Group will further discuss how this “great transformation” being pioneered by the group can help drive business growth and success through technology and innovation.

The upcoming episode will also shed light on how this emerging techglomerate is strengthening the provision of public services through partnerships with the government. Public-private partnership (PPP) is seen as an integral part of driving economic growth and development.

A more detailed discussion on digital infrastructure as well as the diverse applications of next-generation technologies like Data Science and AI across industries will be provided in the online show through Undersecretary Anna Mae Lamentillo, JD, the current Assistant Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Dr. David Hardoon Managing Director of Aboitiz Data Innovation, and Mr. Henry Aguda, UnionBank’s Chief Technology and Operations Officer and Chief Transformation Officer.

Tune in on this two-part episode of Kapihan sa MB happening on December 12 and December 14 at 3 PM to learn more on the promise of a better tomorrow – how such is slowly being realized through the tireless efforts and contributions of companies such as Aboitiz Group and its collaborative engagement in implementing government’s action plans for growth and development through technology and innovation. Catch it on Manila Bulletin and Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Facebook pages.