Blvck Ace drops holiday song ‘Pasko Na Naman’

Published December 7, 2022, 9:43 AM

by Robert Requintina

Blvck Ace (Facebook)

New P-pop girl group Blvck Ace recorded a holiday track entitled “Pasko Na Naman” which premiered during a media conference held at BLVCK Creatives Studio in Quezon City recently.

The bouncy and feel-good Christmas tune is the group’s second single following their debut song “Pasahero.”

Engr. Grace Cristobal, talent manager of the group, said that Blvck Ace was formed through a series of auditions. The group is composed of Anasity, Ely, Jea, Rhen and Twinkle.

These five girls have honed their musical talents through TV commercials, joining personality/talent competitions and attending personal workshops and camps. Also, the management trained them intensely in singing, dancing and acting for several months to be fully prepared to join the growing P-Pop group craze in the music industry. Until now, they are still being supervised closely so that they can continuously improve and develop their skills and talents.

Cristobal said that the group’s name Blvck Ace (Black Ace) comes from two words, first is “Black” which is the name of their talent management agency, Blvck Entertainment. The second word is “Ace” derived from the name of their manager, Engr. Grace Cristobal.

Engr. Grace Cristobal

Coincidentally, both words also have significant meaning. “Black” stands for power and “Ace” is the highest playing card. Combining these two words can connote to “high and powerful.” Blvck Ace is determined to be “high and powerful” in continuing to empower and promote OPM using the platforms that they now have. They are also referred to as the “alas” of Blvck Entertainment because they are the first P-Pop girl group formed by the agency.

Blvck Ace describes their music to be “positive,” giving good vibes to all those who listen to it. They want their music to be relatable to all. “Pasahero,” the group’s first single, is a tribute to our reliable taxi, jeepney, motorcycle and transport service drivers who are dedicated to bring us safely to our destination.

In a deeper sense, the “driver” in the song can be attributed to a friend and the “pasahero” can be anyone who needs help in his or her own “journey” of challenges. A line from the chorus of the song goes “Ikaw ang aking pasahero. Ako ang s’yang magmamaneho. At ako ang ‘yong superhero. Na taga payo mo sa t’wing akala mo tinatalikuran ka na ng mundo.”

“Pasahero” is produced by Blvck Music, the music label of Blvck Entertainment, and is out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Medianet, Boomplay, You Tube Music and other music streaming platforms. Follow Blvck Ace on their social media accounts: Facebook Blvck Ace, Twitter @blvckaceph, Instagram @blvckaceofficial, Youtube Blvck Ace and on Tiktok @blvckaceofficial.

Blvck Entertainment is a new talent management company owned by entrepreneurs and power couple, Engineers Louie and Grace Cristobal (0939-9278032). They are determined to further increase their pool of talents and help deserving “unsigned” artists to fulfill their dreams. They are also into music, live events, concert, film and various content production. The company started operating last June. Now the agency is gaining momentum as it prepares for bigger and exciting projects in 2023.