The gift of health

Published December 4, 2022, 9:21 AM

by Cheshire Que

Gift ideas for the health conscious

Are you running out of ideas on what to buy your loved ones for Christmas? It is easy to just buy a box of chocolates or a Christmas hamper. Your health-conscious friend or relative would definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Wouldn’t you want to give something that would truly support their health journey for a change? It could be challenging to choose from the various options available in the market so let us narrow your list down.

Being healthy entails getting a good night’s sleep. Here are the sleep essentials that could enhance and promote quality sleep.

Sleep mask

As part of a bedtime routine, wearing a sleep mask can make one fall asleep faster. Cheaper than blackout curtains, a sleep mask creates total darkness that helps the body produce more of the sleep hormone melatonin. You don’t just get to sleep better you may also sleep longer hours too! “A safe, calm environment is important for a good night’s rest, and blocking out light is part of that. Eye masks can help, especially if your normal sleeping time is during the day,” said sleep expert Dr. Samuel Gurevich of Cleveland Clinic in Florida.

Weighted blanket

This is a therapeutic blanket that provides deep pressure therapy and weighs heavier than common blankets. It gives the sensation of being enveloped in a hug. In a study conducted on 30 participants by S Danoff-Burg et al in April 2020 entitled “Worth the Weight: Weighted Blanket Improves Sleep and Increases Relaxation,” they concluded that using a weighted blanket for six weeks can improve sleep and reduce time awake at night in people with sleep onset and sleep maintenance issues. It also reduced self-reported feelings of stress.

Another aspect of being healthy is movement and regular exercise. Here are some interesting gift ideas that would level up one’s physical activities.

Power plate or vibration plate This is a machine that comes in big and small sizes. It works by giving the muscles a high-speed workout through vibrations that stimulate them to contract and relax. This is useful for individuals who are always under time pressure. Remedial therapist and Power Plate specialist trainer Mark Andrew recommends starting gradually, to stand correctly, keep workout short, keep knees bent, drink enough water, and combine your exercises. Be mindful of whom you will give the vibration plate to this Christmas. The individual must be physically fit. The vibration plate gives a great workout in as short as 10 minutes. Dr. Edward Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center advises to check with your doctor before undergoing a whole body vibration exercise as it may be contraindicated and harmful in some situations such as pregnancy.

Health club or gym membership

If you’re feeling a bit more generous with your special someone, why don’t you go all out and splurge on an annual gym or health club membership? There are a lot of health clubs and gyms that you could go to as a couple or as a family. Working out and relaxing together is more sustainable. After all, it is more fun when you’re exercising with someone you’re comfortable with. When choosing the right facility for you, Tivoli Royale Country Club’s general manager Cherryl Ann Go recommends looking for a sports facility or place that gives you and your loved ones an opportunity to exercise and unwind in wide open spaces with amenities that will help you enjoy fun activities in a secure and private place.

Lastly, you can give your health-conscious friend kitchen utensils, equipment, and healthy food ingredients that are not commonly found in a fruit basket. Let’s get more creative in supporting a loved one’s kitchen nutrition effort. An air fryer, a simple nonstick pan, food processor, and good quality knife set are good investments. As for food ingredients, you can give a set of dried herbs and a spice rack. Locally sourced cacao or chocolate that’s loaded with antioxidants and perfect for the cool weather. Raw honey, dairy free spreads like hummus and pesto paired with gluten-free rice crackers, fermented food like kimchi, sauerkraut, atchara, pickled fruits, and vegetables that would taste awesome as side dishes.

For newbies, Doña Elena Olive Oil’s brand ambassador Richard Gomez advises investing in good kitchen equipment and to start with simple dishes, as well as choosing good ingredients. “A simple ginisa, adobo, or bistek,” he says. “You can do fried fish and make a sauce using tomatoes and capers. When they’re more comfortable, they can level up.”

Do not be anxious about gift giving. After all, it should be an experience that gives you joy. Just think about what the recipient would appreciate instead of coming from your own perspective.