K-pop boy band VERIVERY talks about new album, achievements, Christmas plans, wishes for 2023 

2022 has proven to be a stellar year for K-pop boy band VERIVERY.

They made their comeback in November with the single album “Liminality-EP.LOVE” and met fans in the US, Chile and Mexico through their “Page: 0” concert tour.

Through “Liminality-EP.LOVE,” VERIVERY, which debuted in January 2019 under Jellyfish Entertainment, earned their first ever TV music show win and topped the weekly album chart in South Korea.

K-pop idol group VERIVERY (Jellyfish Entertainment)

K-pop idol group VERIVERY (Jellyfish Entertainment)

“Liminality-EP.LOVE” has two new songs: the title track “Tap Tap” and “Motive.” “Tap Tap” is a song mixing hip hop beats and pop-rock sounds, the colorful variety in sound harmonizes to produce a dazzling energy. “Motive” is a song of a hybrid music genre integrating hyperpop and mid-tempo (sub-genre of electronic).

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, VERIVERY talked about their achievements in 2022, plans for Christmas, and their wishes and goals for 2023.

“Liminality-EP.LOVE,” released on Nov. 14, sold 146,065 copies in the first week of release based on the Hanteo Chart, VERIVERY’s highest sales for an album to date.

This led to VERIVERY topping Hanteo’s weekly album chart for Nov. 14 to 20 with 146,065 copies sold.

“This album is the following chapter of our previous albums that discuss facing the darkness and living with it. In our previous albums, we talked about finding your inner self, so we narrate about looking for happiness in this album. It is VERIVERY’s unique expression of ‘love,’ the emotion we face on our way to find happiness,” they said.

K-pop idol group VERIVERY (Jellyfish Entertainment)

For VERIVERY, these achievements were a product of their hard work.

“It is a pleasure to see many fans loving and enjoying our music. We thought that all the hard work was definitely worth it, and we were very proud and happy that our work was recognized. We’re also happy because we could achieve new records all thanks to our VERRER,” they said.

They added, “We’re very thankful, and we hope to continue sharing good energy with VERRER. We hope our music can comfort you when you’re going through tough times in life. Thank you very much, and we promise to be continuously evolving artists that will make you proud.”

After topping the music chart and achieving career highs, VERIVERY members have different goals.

“Honestly, we didn’t set up a specific goal when we started this career. I believe if we continue working hard, we’ll be able to reach where we never expected. I hope I can be with my members for a long time until that moment,” said Dongheon.

According to Gyehyeon, “I want to promote Verivery to more people.”

“We have topped the Hanteo Chart, recorded our highest album sales, and won first place on music shows, so I hope more people become happy with our music!” said Yeonho.

K-pop idol group VERIVERY (Jellyfish Entertainment)

For the “2022 VERIVERY Concert Page: 0,” the group toured 16 cities in the US, Chile and Mexico with memorable moments.

“It is a rare occasion to meet our international fans in person, and we were happy to feel their great energy and passion. They sang along to our songs from beginning to end, cheered us loudly, followed our chant, and danced with us to fully enjoy the concert. It was very memorable, and we hope to meet them again with another opportunity,” they said.

If given the chance, VERIVERY said they would love to perform in the Philippines.

“If we get an opportunity, definitely we’d love to perform in Asia, including the Philippines! We want to meet VERRERs around the world who love us and our music,” according to VERIVERY.

As 2022 comes to a close, VERIVERY shared their most important achievements for the year.

“For this year, I think it’d have to be our first offline concert and tour. It was special because we were able to communicate with fans and hear their cheering after COVID-19,” said Dongheon.

For Hoyoung, “Our own first concert!!”

“Winning first place on music shows was a big goal even before debut, so I think it is an important achievement,” said Minchan.

Gyehyeon said, “I believe our biggest achievement was making precious memories with VERRER without anyone getting seriously injured.”

“Of course, winning on music shows! I’m very happy to achieve something we’ve been dreaming about for a long time this year,” said Yeonho.

According to Yongseung, “Being with many VERRER. Recorded achievements are important, but we owe them all to being with VERRER.”

“We recently won first place, and I’m happy to achieve a goal that we really wanted to achieve,” said Kangmin.

About their plans for Christmas, VERIVERY said, “Since we just released ‘Liminality: EP.LOVE,’ and having busy days promoting it, we haven’t thought about how to spend Christmas this year. We suppose that members will spend fun end-of-year and Christmas with each other!”

What are VERIVERY’s wishes for the year 2023?

“I hope all members and VERRER to have a healthy 2023, and personally, I’d like to have a solo performance stage,” said Hoyoung.

Minchan said, “In 2023, all my members and VERRER have a healthy and happy 2023.”

According to Yongseung, “It might sound cliché, but I hope everyone stays healthy and fulfills their wishes in 2023. Personally, I wish I can work harder and achieve more goals.”

“In 2023, I hope to do more of our music and really solidify our journey as we wish,” said Kangmin.