Julie Anne San Jose trends as she sings 'Ave Maria' in her latest series

Julie Anne San Jose as Maria Clara

Goosebumps as Asia's Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose trended on social media with her moving rendition of Bach's "Ave Maria" which she performed in the latest episode of the primetime series "Maria Clara at Ibarra" on GMA-7 on Monday, Oct. 10.

‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ follows the story of Klay, a Gen Z nursing student who aims to work and bring her family abroad. She is almost graduating soon, but not until she failed a minor subject—Rizal Studies. Klay believes that this subject is irrelevant to her life and future career.

Barbie Forteza, Dennis Trillo and Julie Anne San Jose

Mr. Jose Torres, Klay’s professor, gave her another chance to pass Rizal Studies, and he lent her a book of Noli Me Tangere. Klay had not even read several pages of the novel when she got bored and fell asleep. 

The mystery begins when Klay wakes up in the world of Noli Me Tangere! Much to her surprise, Klay finds Mr. Torres in the alternate timeline. Klay was told that she can only return to the present once she finishes the book and learns all the lessons from the novel of Dr. Jose Rizal.

CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLIP: https://twitter.com/JulienitedPH/status/1579448509035872256?s=20

"Nakakakilig po siya pakinggan grabeee!" read one of the comments.

Other comments about her performance: 

"Goosebumps! GMA is really good at this. The feels. Spanish era talaga."

"Ang ganda ng tinig ni Maria Clara."

"Ladies and Gentleman! The Limitless."

"That's why Julie Anne San Jose is Maria Clara. You can't fake that beautiful singing voice and piano-playing. You just can't."

"Bat ako naiyak sa pagkanta niya huhu."