Dragonpay doubles transaction volumes to over 140M

Despite challenges due to the pandemic, Dragonpay doubled its volumes and processed over 140 million transactions as of last month, the alternative payment provider disclosed Wednesday, September 28.

Dragonpay started operations 12 years ago and remains bullish on its expansion today.

Significantly, its manpower also grew by 200 percent during the pandemic, while its payment channel partners are now more than 50,000 including the country’s major banks with online banking, payment centers, retail establishments, and leading e-wallets.

Dragonpay has empowered thousands of customers to avail of goods and services and pay for them through physical and digital channels - from physical, brick-and-mortar payment counters and ATM’s to mobile wallets and online bank debit.

Todate, it has over 3,000 partner merchants from different industries including government, schools, retail, groceries, real estate, gaming, tech, food, insurance and more.

Dragonpay enables its merchants to accept popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, BinancePay, and many others.

It also provides Buy Now Pay Later services by forging alliances with Billease, Cashalo, and Tendopay.

“We see a continued acceleration of digital payment adoption and we are committed to supporting businesses, especially, small and medium enterprises in keeping up with the latest industry trends and consumer demand," remarked Robertson Chiang, Dragonpay founder and chief executive officer.

Seeing the company's potential, Xendit, a regional services company backed by investors from Silicon Valley and Asia, has made a strategic investment in Dragonpay in 2021.

“We are excited to see the fintech sector grow and mature," says Chiang.

"We are bent on deepening our foothold in the industry as we see massive opportunities in fueling a digital economy that will be beneficial to business, consumers, and the country as a whole,” he concluded.