Kat Alano: ‘Wala akong bayad. Truth lang ang meron ako’

Published September 23, 2022, 1:48 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Kat Alano has reacted to bashers questioning her controversial tweets about rape.

She wrote: “Wow, some of these people bashing me… Guys sobrang backwards pa rin ang mentality ng marami. But big thanks to those supporting and explaining rape culture to those who are still unaware. I see you, I know some of you are victims too. Thank you.”

Note that prior, Kat also answered a netizen who actually questioned her faith.

Kat revealed that more naysayers have called her out since.

She shared: “Ang daming galit. Binayaran daw ako, laos na daw ako, sawsawera. 8 years na ako nagsasalita. Puro bashing lang ang natanggap ko. Sa tingin niyo worth it magsalita para inaabuso ako ng mga fans niya? Sa tingin niyo lalaban talaga ang ibang victims pag nakita nila ugali niyo!”

“And ang nakakalungkot pa, BABAE pa talaga ang lumalaban para sa kanya. Hindi niyo naiisip ang mga kapwa niyong babae? Akala niyo madali to? Wala akong media company. Wala akong team. Wala akong bayad. Truth lang ang meron ako. Alam ko galit kayo, pero magisip din kayo,” she added.

It all started with Kath posting “rape is rape” early this month.

“Either you stand with a rapist, or you stand with the truth. Time to #pickaside. Rape is rape, No amount of corruption is going to change that.”

Then a few days ago, she penned a cryptic post.

“After 17 years… Finally a glimpse of justice. People still thinking it’s all about money and attention. What if you were fed lies by the people who had power, and you ACTUALLY condemned the victim? Think about what you did to her if that was the truth,” it read.

She also said in another post: “Keep using God’s name to proclaim innocence. God saw you rape us. #rhymeswithwrong.”

“I can finally feel peace today. God is good all the time. Justice, finally, after 17 years,” Kat tweeted as well.

Many netizens quickly assume that Kat’s posts are related to Vhong Navarro’s case.

Coincidentally, her tweets were posted online on the same day that Vhong surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

It was in 2014 when Kat detailed her rape story via Mo Twister’s radio show “Good Times.”

According to her, it happened when she was 19 years old.

Though at that time she is not yet ready to identify the man who raped her, Kat revealed the latter is a public figure and they had met because of work.

Years after the said interview, Kat revealed that she was raped by “#rhymeswithwrong still famous celebrity,” whom she said had smear campaigns to destroy her career and “raped many more.”

“I was wearing a Tshirt and jeans. He drugged me too,so trying to take my jeans off was difficult for him.Hard to rape an unconscious person in jeans. #HijaAko.”