Cebu provincial government insists ownership of 25-hectare lot in Mandaue

Published September 23, 2022, 3:14 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY – The Cebu provincial government is insisting ownership of a 25-hectare property in Mandaue City where a hospital, some government offices, and private structure currently sit.

The Capitol has already sent a “demand to vacate” letter against the occupants of the lot but Gov. Gwen Garcia clarified that the provincial government is not going to evict them.

Garcia said the provincial government is merely pressing its claim that the property belongs to the province.

She said the present occupants should just recognize that the Capitol is the rightful owner of the lot.

“We are not going to evict anyone as long as they recognize that the province is the legitimate owner of the land,” Garcia said.

Garcia said the provincial government was forced to issue the demand letter on Sept. 8 after their previous communications with the occupants were ignored since June.

Current occupants of the property include the Department of Health-run Eversley Child Sanitarium and General Hospital and its component offices, the Food and Drugs Administration, and Jagobiao barangay hall.

Garcia said the province is willing to find ways to make the occupants’ legitimate such as entering into a usufruct agreement.

She said the province became the owner of the property after it was donated to them by the Cebu Archdiocese in 1928.

The occupants countered that the property is owned by the national government but Garcia said it is only the provincial government that can show proof of ownership.