Sustainable living starts with your home

Published September 21, 2022, 4:55 AM

by Manila Bulletin

A lot has been written about sustainable practices we could adopt at home. Preference for reusable packaging vs. one-time use, recycling, composting, going paperless are just some of these. While we’ve learned to inculcate these practices in our daily lives, actually living sustainably, we should also look into the structure we live in: Am I living in a sustainable house?

For Victor Consunji, a good measure of a sustainable home is if you can consider it the last house you’ll ever need. “Houses need to be built to last for generations, with lesser demands for repair or upgrade. Every time there’s something that needs to be fixed in the house, it adds to the carbon footprint of the property.”

As the CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) – a property development company – he has put building sustainable houses at the core of VCDC. Since its inception, the drive to sustainability has always been an integral part of its property development – from process to actual output.

“We acknowledge the impact of the processes in construction and development on our environment. To stay true with our commitment to sustainability, we always make sure to adopt green practices that meet the best-of-world standards. And of course, we come up with houses that are sustainable and envi-friendly.”

M Residences Capitol Hills

Strong foundation

It has been the practice of VCDC to install strong foundations that can hold up to four storey. This policy is applied regardless if the house would only have two to three floors. While the cost is more expensive than keeping within the minimum requirements, Consunji considers this more cost-efficient and envi-friendly in the long run.

“When you keep within the minimum required, it means that if the owner intends to upgrade the house with additional floors, there’s a need to tear it apart and install new foundations,” he explains.


For a house to be sustainable, they have to be built on solid foundations. “It should outlast any natural calamities. Materials used should be fireproof, termite-resistant, use of a lesser amount of wood, can make homes easier to handle and more environment-friendly,” explains Consunji.

VCDC properties are built following these principles to ensure its homeowners that the houses are built to last for generations.

Energy efficiency

Access to alternative sources of energy is one key in keeping houses sustainable. Apart from improvements that reduce the carbon footprint and wasted materials in its construction activities, VCDC has introduced rooftop solar packages that allow homeowners to earn more than 25 percent return on investment yearly, making the properties even more sustainable for its owners.

“Electricity prices continue to rise, so we’ve added rooftop solar into our home customization process. Our clients won’t be only saving on their monthly costs from turnover, but this is actually a home improvement also increases the value of their investment.”

The design of the house is also another energy-saving feature. For instance, houses VCDC built employ the stack effect – warm air rises to top and escapes through vents drawing colder air within the house.

“With a naturally ventilated house, there’s less reliance on air conditioning. A nice breeze can pass through at any point in time.”

Luxury and sustainability

Living in a home that allows you to enjoy the things that matter with people who matter is key in living a luxurious sustainable lifestyle. It’s where you can live to have a progressive future, where generations can still enjoy your home beyond your lifetime.

M Residences provide sustainable luxury modern homes that are spacious and customizable. These are perfect for those looking to stay within the city while enjoying open spaces and basking in peace and greenery. They are located in relatively quiet spaces within the urban jungle – Acacia Estates in Taguig and Capitol Hills and Mowelfund New Manila in Quezon City.

M Residences Capitol Hills

Meanwhile, those looking to be just a little away from the urban life can enjoy the modern homes at Vie in Calamba, Laguna. Enjoy picturesque sunsets and green oasis in this exclusive yet dynamic community.

VCDC’s commitment to develop sustainable homes doesn’t end in the country. The company is building its first (of many) Bali property in Uluwatu Cliff offering bespoke villas in an island paradise.

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