AUDIOJUNKIE: LATE NO MORE - Janno Gibbs’ ‘Future Lover’, Wilbert Ross, Aubrey Caraan, Lyca Gairanod, Rice Lucido and more

Official e-cards (clockwise) Janno Gibbs, Rice Lucido, Aubrey Caraan, Wilbert Ross, Kalye Kweens' 'The Escort Wife'

The original prince of Pinoy R&B and soul is slowly but surely re-establishing his music output. Is this the second coming of Janno Gibbs?

Don’t look now, but Janno Gibbs is piling on his singles releases. A good year since he came back with the funky “Pangmalakasan,” the ‘pinakamagandang lalaki sa balat ng lupa’ is back with a new single titled “Future Lover.”

His latest is a throwback of sorts to the club music scene of the early aughts. For sure this groovy and electro-tinged number won’t be amiss in today’s club scene as well. And can we just say that Janno’s vocals, already aged like fine wine, sounds incredible in this setting. Drenched in effects, we’ve never heard Janno’s voice this way. But we’re saying that in a good way. Co-producer Moophs (who also arranged, mixed and mastered the track) seems to have nudged Janno to places his musicality has never been to before. And that’s a good thing.

Mr. Gibbs has since released three more tunes in between “Pangmalakasan” and “Future Lover” (in the span of a year) So, is this a renaissance of Janno’s music career? We’d like to think so, because with his voice sounding this good still, he can’t miss.

After his successful single "Langga," Wilbert Ross returns with a playful new song titled "Isa Isa Lang Kase." Wilbert Ross is establishing himself as a songwriter of easy-listening pop, and actually looks like a guy who doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Other than a guy who dishes out easy-listening ditties that is. And truth be told, he seems to get better at it.

“Chill” is the new track from alternative folk, pop and rock artist Rice Lucido. Bouncy and grooving, this track is exactly what the title suggests. Rice Lucido said it best when she sings: “Chill ka muna ‘wag kang mainis, kailangan mo lang palampasin, ‘di lahat kailangang pansinin, wag mo masyadong damdamin.” In short, don’t worry, be happy. Ergo, chill.

Former Pop Girl and actress Aubrey Caraan returns with a new single titled “Sana.” Written by Aubrey and Sean Cedro, this surging, mid-tempo R&B flavored pop track (with liberal electro trimmings) takes Aubrey Caraan into new soundscapes than she’s been previously been. Actually, the moody vibes seems a welcome changes for perpetually sunny Aubrey.

And speaking of sunny, playful and exuberant sounding new song “Sa Ating Dalawa” is the theme song from the upcoming TV series titled “Kalye Kweens.” Young music artist Chandler Manzano writes the music and lyrics as Aubrey Caraan, this time with singing powerhouse Lyca Gairanod gives life to this made-for-TV theme number.

Collaborating on a classic are two distinct music acts for the modern age. And that would be Shanne Dandan and newly minted hit rap artist Lo ki who reinterprets the Lolita Carbon classic track “Usok.” Shanne and Lo ki’s approach is certainly different as they bring this early 80’s folk rock classic into the modern times. Their version retains the sense of urgency of the original and its sonics that add tension and release vibes for the Paul Alexei Basinilio-directed Vivamax movie “The Escort Wife.”

12/21, Blacksheep Records Manila’s rockin’ band just dropped a song titled “Break Me.” This pop-punk number harkens back to early aughts pop-punk, and just like the classics of that era, 12/21 pumps up on the high-gain rhythm guitars, drums and bass as they sing on-brand emo lyrics that go “I want you, I want you back to me, I can’t go on living without you.” Simplistic but sung with zeal and urgency. 12/21 are Roman Maceda, Rico Maceda and Roque Maceda.