Designing a Multi-Generational Home to Love: Join the ASDA 2023 Asia Pacific Competition

Riding on the waves of the success of last year’s edition, the American Standard Design Award (ASDA) 2023 APAC Competition returns this year with a call to designers all around the Asia-Pacific region to share their creativity and come up with a bathroom design solution that makes sense for a range of age groups in a multi-generational household.

With this year’s theme “A Home To Love, A Space for Everyone”, global pioneering brands for water and housing products, and sanitary ware, LIXIL and American Standard, believe that a good design should be both beautiful and functional. The ASDA 2023 competition advocates purposeful design that not only looks pleasing, but solves real-world problems, and ultimately, helps users live a much better life.

The ASDA 2023 APAC competition has started accepting entries as early as August 24, 2022, and will continue to gather entries up until January 15, 2023. It is open to Architecture and Design students in their second year and above, from selected APAC countries, such as Australia, Cambodia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The competition will be judged at two levels. First, entries will be assessed at a national level in their respective countries. An incredibly creative group of judges from each country will review the entries from local design and architecture students.

The winners from each participating country will then be evaluated by a regional panel of judges to vie for the grand prize. The grand winner wins a trip to Singapore for the awarding ceremony, and gets a chance to visit the LIXIL Design Centre, and meet with the global design team.

Last year’s ASDA garnered a whopping 3000 entries under the theme, “Purposeful Design: Transforming the Way We Live,” which asks for bathroom design solutions to the urbanization and change the global pandemic has caused. This year, the competition focuses more on the challenge to bring design solutions that can provide a space that is hygienic, innovative, and comforting for all the different members of an extended family.

“For over 140 years, American Standard has continuously raised the bar in delivering bathroom solutions that combine purposeful designs and pioneering technologies. With our deep industry and design expertise, we are delighted to collaborate with leading architects and designers to launch ASDA 2023. American Standard has been trusted for generations for its progressive and dependable products, and we chose this year’s ASDA theme to inspire student designers to create an inviting multi-generational bathroom space in the home that every generation will love, whilst competing against their peers across the APAC region.” said Antoine Besseyre des Horts, Leader, LIXIL Global Design, Asia.

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