Meet BOI’s virtual assistants Bordie and Vestie

Published September 16, 2022, 5:36 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Meet Bordie and Vestie, the Board of Investments (BOI virtual specialists that will assist clients on various investment-related information, concerns, and fulfill their mission to make more investments happen in the Philippines.

Culled from the agency’s Board (Bordie) and Investments (Vestie), the virtual assistants were unveiled on the occasion of its 55th Founding Anniversary of the country’s lead industry development and investment promotion agency (IPA).

Bordie and Vestie will assist BOI clients and stakeholders on various investment-related information and concerns and make more investments happen in the Philippines.

They amplify and complement BOI’s efforts to innovate its systems by encouraging online transactions given the new normal.

The duo will initially appear in the BOI’s social media posts, electronic direct mails (EDMs), and information and promotion collaterals, providing clients and stakeholders relevant information on doing business in the Philippines and other investment-related concerns.

The BOI will also onboard Bordie and Vestie in the agency’s digital platforms. They will be appearing or popping up, through a chatbot platform seamlessly integrated with the communication channels of the BOI such as the Agency’s websites, social media pages, and other relevant mobile apps and platforms.

Made possible through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language process (NLP) technologies, Bordie and Vestie will converse with clients and stakeholders as if they would feel they were having human conversations in natural tones and converse in different languages.

The BOI chatbot platform is being developed to provide a 24/7 automated program that can interact with customers regarding investment information and concerns. The platform is seen to improve the response/resolution time of inquiries and concerns and enhance client satisfaction. The information from the platforms serves as a listening tool for the BOI to review and analyze the profile and nature of the inquiries and concerns that are envisioned to aid the Agency in policy and process improvements.

The duo also complements BOI’s network of online programs. The government’s premier investment maximizing agency has already implemented the BOI Online Service System (BOSS) where stakeholders can transact online for various services such as project registration, availment of incentives, submission of reports, application for endorsement, and other BOI services.

BOI has also partnered with Landbank of the Philippines to make payment transactions more convenient through the Link.BizPortal in BOSS. Clients can now make payment of fees, dues, and charges in real-time in just a few clicks.

With the help of Bordie and Vestie, payments can be done faster, easier and more efficient for clients to grow their business in the country.

Hopefully, the tandem can help in promoting investments in the country, devoting their expertise and skills to continue making the Philippines one of the top investment destinations of choice in the world.

Wearing the official uniforms of the BOI officers and employees, Bordie and Vestie exemplify the unwavering productivity, reliability, and loyalty traits of the BOI Officers and Employees in working with the existing and prospective investors, industry players, and stakeholders, to boost the investment opportunities in the Philippines.

Clad in blue barong, Bordie has the mission to always strive to be professional and disciplined, yet very accommodating, approachable, and committed to delivering competent and efficient service to the people and the investors. Dressed in a blue blouse, Vestie is committed to doing efficient and honest work keeping in mind the Filipino citizens as her top priority.

Bordie and Vestie have been designed to embody value excellence, integrity, teamwork, and passion or knowledge in their incessant pursuit to render prompt, courteous public service for their countrymen.

Exuding with passion for public service, they will work hand in hand to advance the Agency’s ultimate goal of bringing investments into the Philippines to generate more jobs available for Filipinos.