‘God Save The King’: Katherine Jenkins invited to record the new British national anthem 

Welsh mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins OBE has been selected on Sept. 9 to record the first recording of “God Save The King,” the British national anthem, by BBC Radio 4 from a rural church in Sussex.

This was after Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Sept. 8. She was succeeded by her son, who is now King Charles III.

Katherine Jenkins OBE performs at The Queen's Platinum Jubilee (Photo provided)

Jenkins was in a small church in a remote area of Sussex recording when she received the call from the BBC. She had a moment of silence and prayer before recording the song, singing from the heart in this incredibly emotional time.

The anthem closed the extended World at One program on BBC Radio 4 on Sept. 9. The first play was Sept. 9 on BBC Radio 4 at 1:53 p.m.

“I have only the fondest memories singing the national anthem for Her Majesty The Queen, memories I will always cherish. While my heart is heavy with grief; Singing this today, for the first time is a huge honor and was sung with the belief that King Charles III's reign will be happy and glorious!” said Jenkins.

According to the Royal Family website, “The British National Anthem in its present form dates back to the eighteenth century. The words and tune are anonymous, and may date back to the seventeenth century.”

“'God Save The King' was a patriotic song first publicly performed in London in 1745, which came to be known as the National Anthem at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In September 1745 the 'Young Pretender' to the British Throne, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, defeated the army of King George II at Prestonpans, near Edinburgh,” it added.

According to the website, "There is no authorized version of the National Anthem as the words are a matter of tradition. Additional verses have been added down the years, but these are rarely used. The words used today are those sung in 1745, substituting 'Queen' for 'King' where appropriate. On official occasions, only the first verse is usually sung.”

National anthem lyrics:

God save our gracious King!

Long live our noble King!

God save the King!

Send him victorious,

Happy and glorious,

Long to reign over us:

God save the King!

Thy choicest gifts in store,

On him be pleased to pour;

Long may he reign:

May he defend our laws,

And ever give us cause,

With heart and voice to sing,

God save the King!