Taiwan temporarily suspends visa-free privilege to PH

Published September 8, 2022, 7:34 AM

by Jaleen Ramos

Taiwan announced it will temporarily suspend visa-free privilege to 12 countries, including the Philippines.

Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs released on its website on Sept. 6 a list of countries eligible for the visa exemption program, as well as those where the visa-free privilege will be suspended.

Aside from the Philippines, it will also temporarily suspend visa-free privilege for nationals of Chile, Dominican Republic, Israel, Japan, Republic of Korea, Nicaragua, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Russia.

Countries that are eligible for the visa exemption scheme included Canada, Australia, the United States, and several European countries.

Holders of Philippines, Brunei, Russia, and Thailand passports “must have proof of accommodation/hotel booking, host/sponsor’s contact information and sufficient travel funds” when entering Taiwan, the bureau stated.

The ministry added that vessel or aircraft crew members or service personnel from these four countries intending to board to report for duty are also ineligible for visa-free entry.

The bureau did not state the reason behind the temporary suspension of the visa-free privilege in the aforementioned countries.