Ramos, Garcia top Penong’s 5150 Davao

Joshua Ramos dominated from start to finish while KC Joy Garcia rallied in the bike stage then held off Lourdes Ramos in the closing run leg as they shared top honors in Penong’s 5150 Davao Triathlon in Tagum City, Davao del Norte on Sunday, Sept. 4.

Joshua Ramos crosses the finish line

Ramos, from Baguio Benguet Triathlon, pulled away after emerging on top of the opening swim event, flashing his superb riding skills then storming to the finish in 2:04.47 in ideal conditions to beat Lucian Alejo and Jethro Ramos for the men’s overall crown in the first Olympic distance 1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run event in Mindanao since the pandemic at Hijo Resorts Davao.

Alejo timed 2:12.35, edging Jethro Ramos, who clocked 2:13.32 for runner-up honors in the second 5150 event organized by the IRONMAN Group/Sunrise Events, Inc. after the Sun Life Bohol race last July.

Garcia, on the other hand, trailed Sophia Muñoz after swim (23.30-22.17) but took charge in the bike (1:12.42) then turned back Lourdes Ramos in the run (1:04.02) to clinch the women’s overall diadem in 2:43.15.

Lourdes Ramos struggled in the water with a 29.11 clocking but posted the best time in the closing stage (57.49) for 2:46.47 while Kriska Sto. Domingo placed third in 2:49.40.

Joshua Ramos (20-24) and Garcia (15-19) thus ran away with two gold medal feats as they likewise ruled their respective age-group divisions in the event sponsored by Penong’s Barbecue Seafood and Grill, Powerball/ Go for Gold, Davao del Norte, Hijo Resorts Davao and Tagum City.

Alejo also finished runner-up to Ramos in the age-group while Christian Baldelovar came in third in 2:24:58 in the top enduring race backed by Finis, Rudy Project Sante (Barley), Manila Bulletin and Tempo.

Sharing the podium were Go for Gold Sunrise Sprint overall winners Matthew Hermosa and Nicole del Rosario, who timed 1:02.55 and 1:18.57, respectively, over the 750m open-water swim, 20km bike and 5km run racecourse.

Other 5150 age-group winners were Akihiko Uematsu (M15-19-2:47.41), Rejei Librando (M25-29-2:23.49), Dwight Genovia (M30-34-2:26.30), Eljan Pelegrino (M35-39-2:18.06), Jethro Ramos (M40-44-2:13:32), Dexter Tulibas (M50-54-2:37.09), Richard Cagape (M55-59-3:06.42), Robert Shannon (M60-64-2:50.55), and Eliseo Villanueva (M65-69-3:45.04);

Muñoz (F20-24-2:54.08), Faith Garcia (F25-29-3:03.27), Sto. Domingo (F30-34-2:49.40), Stephanie Castañeda (F35-39-2:55.07), Lourdes Ramos (F40-44-2:46.44), Gigi Gorre (F50-54-3:34.14), and Haidee Digma (F55-59-4:22.12).

Meanwhile, Team Happy Life Tri Team took all-relay men title in 2:08.11, nipping Team Mind over Miles by mere 17 seconds (2:08.28) with Team Davao Metro Shuttle Trivengers placing third in 2:11.13.

Team Davao Metro Shuttle Avengers/MZ Farm topped the all-relay women side in 2:55.20, also in close fashion as Team Metro Shuttle Trivengers clocked 2:55.33 while Team Ana Lara Relay Team timed 3:37.04 for third.

Team Budol Gang, on the other hand, ruled the relay mixed in 2:36.05, beating Team Trizur Kame (2:40.17) and Team Davao Metro Shuttle Trivengers (2:44.55).