Staying grounded in the fast-paced world of luxury real estate

Published September 3, 2022, 5:00 PM

by MB Lifestyle

In-demand publicist Lana Johnson hasn’t thought about where she’d like to live when she retires. Right now, she’s having too much fun living life to the fullest, with an exciting career as the chief of marketing and public relations for luxury property developer Victor Consunji Development Corp. (VCDC).

Lana Faith Johnson at the Vie at Southern Plains
Photo by: Artu Nepomuceno

She has achieved quite a bit since joining the world of public relations, and has already founded her own boutique PR firm, working for glamorous brands like Bobbi Brown and Bertazzoni La Germania. She also worked as a publicist for a designer during New York Fashion Week, and counts among her clients some of the country’s A-list socialites and young entrepreneurs.

As the driving force behind the marketing and public relations of one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Philippines and for a high-profile real estate brand at that, it is easy to see Lana as juggling several tasks all at once.

Yet, behind the glamour is a woman who has committed herself to a life of calm, which she said helps her with the fast pace of her profession. She works out every morning and meditates, learning to feel and then let go has really helped, she said, especially when things start to become really stressful.

Lana believes in surrounding herself with positivity. “They say surround yourself with people that will motivate and support you. That is one thing I am very thankful for when it comes to my personal life,” she said.

She takes inspiration from other women. “My mom first and foremost. She taught me the importance of working hard to make something for yourself,” she said. Her girlfriends and clients, she said, inspire her everyday. “They are all successful and admirable in their own right,” she said.

And how is it like working in a seemingly male-dominated industry such as construction and real estate? Gender was never an issue, she said. “You can make a difference in any industry you are in when you have the right intentions, discipline and support,” she said. She credits the nurturing culture at VCDC and founder Victor Consunji’s efforts to give them the opportunity to thrive and grow. Lana has been with VCDC for nine years now.

Her choice to live serenely extends to her decisions in the brands she works with. “In my earlier days, it was more challenging to select clients or brands to take on,” she said. That choice was a luxury she had to forego in the early days, but she found that it was possible to find the right compromise without sacrificing her values. Lana said she must really believe in a client to be able to effectively tell a good story.

VCDC, Chief of Marketing and PR
Photo by: Artu Nepomuceno

Today, she surrounds herself with beautiful designs and spaces. Working at VCDC, which has in a short time, introduced many striking residential developments in choice locations in Laguna, Taguig, Quezon City, and Bali, Indonesia, has rubbed off on Lana. Having no real estate or construction background, Lana appreciated VCDC’s emphasis on space and quality of living. She does admit to having a favorite among the projects. “It’ss Mahogany Place 3 in Taguig,” she said. “With no real estate or construction background, after hearing Vic [Consunji]’s vision of wanting to bring back the importance of space and quality of living to a homeowner, I joined the company and we sold out,” she said.

On success in her chosen field, Lana thinks there is no one formula other than being ready. While marketing permits more time for planning and strategy, public relations, on the other hand, requires quick thinking.

“Trust the decisions that you make and be accountable, but don’t be afraid to fail. You can always pick yourself up. That in itself will make you prepared for almost anything.”