Beauty queen is newest Dwight Ramos fan

Another Dwight Ramos fan coming through.

Francesca Taruc (left) and Dwight Ramos. (Photo from Francesca Taruc

The Gilas Pilipinas standout is no stranger to fans openly expressing their admiration for him, and this time beauty queen Francesca Taruc, crowned Miss Freedom of the World Philippines 2018 and Miss Tourism World Intercontinental 2019, was among them.

Taruc shared a Facebook post consisting of Ramos’ photos with the caption, “Happy Birthday, Dwight.”

The post was quickly flocked by netizens, but it gained more traction after the screenshot of Taruc’s replies was posted by another Facebook page.

“Socorro Angeles GILAS PILIPINAS SIYA, BINIBINING PILIPINAS AKO. hmmmm coincidence? Hahahaha,” replied Taruc in the comments.

The beauty queen also added that aside from being both 24 years old with Ramos celebrating his birthday on Friday, Sept 2, they are also bannering the same number 24.

Ramos has been in a romantic relationship with volleyball player Kianna Dy, which is why fans were quick to take offense at Taruc's remarks.

As of writing, “Dwight” is trending on Twitter.