Win a community project and grant your barangay's wishes

Barangay Shopee

In time for 9.9 Super Shopping Day, the much-awaited double day sale, Shopee launches Barangay Shopee, the newest initiative under its Shopee Bayanihan CSR program.

Through technology, meaningful campaigns and initiatives, Shopee has helped millions of local buyers and sellers adopt e-commerce seamlessly. This newest initiative is designed to help communities in need by enabling Filipinos to win a sponsored community project for their barangay. Shopee users from all over the Philippines have the chance to win a community project that will help address the needs of their barangay. Winners of the contest can choose their own community project that all members of their barangay can benefit from, such as a new basketball court, multi-purpose hall renovation, public school supplies, and other community-building projects.

Here is how to join Barangay Shopee:

How to join

Beginning August 25 up to September 9, Shopee users can join by posting video entries on Facebook and submitting the link via the Barangay Shopee page in the app. Joining can be done in three simple steps:

1. Create a 1-2 minute video with at least 3 barangay members and answer the questions:

  • Bakit kayo ang dapat tawagin na “Barangay Shopee”?
  • Paano pwedeng tulungan ng Shopee ang inyong Barangay?

2. Post the video on Facebook, following these requirements:

  • Follow and tag @ShopeePH on Facebook
  • Post is public
  • Use the hashtag #BarangayShopee in the caption

3. Submit the link to your video via the Barangay Shopee page in the Shopee app.

Barangay Shopee is the newest initiative under Shopee Bayanihan, the company's umbrella CSR program that seeks to harness the power of technology to help communities benefit from digital transformation, wherever they are in the Philippines.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, shared "In everything that we do, we work towards our main mission of bettering the lives of our users, sellers, and communities through technology. Through Barangay Shopee, our goal is to foster the community spirit of barangays from all over the Philippines, and uplift them by providing them with a community project that their whole barangay can benefit from."

To learn more about how you can join and win a Shopee-sponsored community project of your choice for your barangay, visit the Barangay Shopee page in the app.