Visual artist Mylene Quito is on a mission to empower women through her paintings

Her exhibit ‘Belle Fleur’ is set to open this October

In today’s time, Filpino women have proven themselves worthy of what they can achieve in life as long as they believe in themselves. While they have broken glass ceilings in different fields, there is still more to be done when it comes to fully achieving equality. 

That is the core of Mylene Quito’s upcoming exhibit dubbed “Belle Fleur.” As its name suggests, the collection of paintings presents flowers set on dark canvases. For the artist, the blooms symbolize the diversity of women and their soft, sweet, and powerful qualities, while the black backdrop represents the dark times and failures the artist experienced throughout her creative journey. A unique touch is the golden outlining of the flowers, which is her way of depicting rebirth and indestructibility. 

Mylene Quito and one of her artworks

“No matter what a woman’s flaws and imperfections are, we are uniquely beautiful,” Quito shares. 

Getting to where Mylene is now is not easy. She recalls all the painful storms she went through and reminisces an episode where a critic said she will not make it. Claiming she wasn’t talented enough, and would never succeed without their help—all of which she is now grateful for as she realized these only made her stronger. 

A testimony of human resilience and unwavering spirit, the lotus flower is one of Mylene’s favorite muses. Latched in mud, the flower stands proud in the river and blooms sparkling clean in the morning. This is why it is often associated with rebirth and enlightenment. Similar to life, we are filled with different problems and anxieties but we will always find a way to rise.

From one woman in bloom to another, she says, "Once you become a successful woman, remember to raise others. Start a domino through your kindness and always remember to stay grounded."

 “Belle Fleur” will be on display this October at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

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