On the pandemic, perspective and people

Published August 20, 2022, 12:05 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


The world has most definitely opened up in all corners. Here in Manila, the social scene is most definitely abuzz. And while I do not think we will ever know a world without Covid-19 anymore, I think most of us have learned to live with it in our midst. Physical school is back for most, the food and other industries severely affected are slowly, but surely bouncing back. While its taken us quite some time to get to this point, I feel like we are in a good place. At the end of the day, if there is anything the pandemic has left a lot of us with, it is a renewed perspective, and most of us have chosen to apply this on to what we choose to do with, and how to live our daily lives.

Some are more comfortable for instance in social situations, and being physically around people than others are. Perhaps we just did not notice this prior to the pandemic, but there are most definitely those of us who are much more social than others. If anything, the pandemic has lessened the social pressure put upon people, I feel, who would rather spend time at home. Regardless of one’s preference though, we must always remember to respect people’s choices, and rather than being a burden and a nag, encourage them to do what makes them feel at ease and comfortable.

Some events that have transpired this week have reminded me of how the pandemic has changed perspective – definitely with a greater impact on some than others. And whatever changes these altered perspectives have brought about must be welcomed with an open mind and heart. Change is good. No matter how resistant we might all initially be, all new beginnings stem from change, and from that blossoms new opportunities. But to accept change is one thing, and to initiate it is another – the latter requiring more strength, determination and will power. Change will always catalyze a reaction, and whether that is positive or negative, being the agent of that change is a great responsibility. In the same light however, the most rewarding of circumstances, things, and situations can definitely come from this great risk worth taking. After all, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

And in as much as the pandemic may have brought about the grimmest and darkest of days to many, may we never forget the small silver linings we gained from it as well – many of which have ended up being life changing. Those mundane moments at home, being surrounded everyday by our loved ones, the slow days where we got to introspect and reflect, the list goes on – these will be the moments we end up looking back at; the ones that have become memories, and perhaps, have contributed to our shifted mindsets and priorities.

At the end of the day, we only know about others what meets the eye, what we see and hear. We are capable of making assumptions and judgments about them, but let us never forget that no one truly knows what someone else is going through – the thoughts that are running through their minds, and how they really feel about matters and situations. If there is one thing the pandemic taught me that I would like to leave you all with this week, it is to exercise respect everyday, and in all that we do. To others, to ourselves, to our community, and to everyone around us. And when this period of time becomes history, may we carry along with us until the end of time the timeless lessons and learnings we gained from a time like no other.