Android 13 has some cool updates

Published August 17, 2022, 9:48 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

Android 13 is here and while changes to the OS aren’t as grand as previous updates, the updates included some changes to make things nicer to look at, more customization, and a bit of stepping up for user privacy. 

Material You design

First up, is the Material You design. This allows you to customize third-party apps to better match your background and themes. It’s a nice and simple way to create a more stylish and coherent UI for yourself. 

Languages for each apps

This one is interesting, especially for bilinguals. This app lets you change the language of each app, while keeping the rest of the phone in a different language. So, let’s say your default language is English. But on Facebook it’s set in Filipino. 

Copy-Paste improvements

Sometimes after you paste something from your clipboard, you proceed to edit the text before actually sending or saving them. Sometimes you save texts from a clipboard and intend to edit later before sending it, but later you may forget to edit it. Bummer. Android 13 allows you to edit from the clipboard so you can simply paste them without worries.

Multiple users for sharing

For people who share a device, Android 13 now supports multiple users. You can use this when lending your phone to your friend or family members. This would also protect your photos from nosy friends who are hoping to get a peek of things you may be so willing to share.

More notification controls

You get notifications for almost every single app and it can get a bit frustrating, especially the less important ones. Sure, you can turn them off by digging through the settings. Android 13 makes this simpler by once you get a new app, you will receive a pop-up message asking if you want to receive notifications for this app or not.

Improved privacy dashboard

This one is not new. Google has already implemented a feature that allows you to monitor your app activities, such as how your information is being used. Typically this data lasts up to 24 hours. What’s new with the update though, allows you to check app activities for up to seven days, so you get a clearer picture on what’s happening to your information.

Media player gets a tweak

The media player now looks much sleeker now than before. New features are added, color schemes and background styles are added to match the music playing. A playback bar’s been added, as well as shuffle and repeat.