Kim Atienza replies to fans urging him to resign from GMA

Published August 16, 2022, 2:48 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Some people have nothing but hate for Kim Atienza.

For some reason, they don’t want to see the so-called Walking Encyclopedia on TV.

They made this clear posting their thoughts on social media.

“Resign Kuya Kim. I dont want to see you on TV anymore,” one online user told Kim recently via Twitter.

Kim replied: “May remote control naman. I don’t have to resign, just change channels. Be safe.”

Another netizen said: “Who are you to deserve this much attention? Do you matter in Phil problems and solutions?”

Kim informed the latter: “Oh you don’t have to mind me. Just ignore my posts or you can block me. Be well.”

“We can all discuss without hate, with respect,” he reiterated.

“There will always be haters. God bless them.”

Early this year, Kim shared his two cents about the so-called “network wars,” following his controversial jump to GMA.