‘Clean as you go’ to become way of life soon in Baguio City

Published August 15, 2022, 8:02 PM

by Comanda Rizaldy C.

BAGUIO CITY – Customers will soon be required to practice cleaning their dining areas in restaurants, eateries, coffee shops and any other food outlets here before they leave.

It’s because the Sangguniang Panglungsod has approved in the first reading an ordinance institutionalizing the practice of clean-as-you-go (CLAYGO) in all food-serving establishments here.

CLAYGO is a practice of cleaning up the dining area in restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops and other food-serving establishments, something that the city council wants to institutionalize in this famous mountain hideaway.

It is a strategy used to minimize risks to hygiene, health, and safety.

Councilor Elmer Datuin, author of the proposed ordinance, said that if and when enacted, fast food chains, cafeterias, eateries, bakeries, coffee shops, canteens, and other similar food outlets in the city will be compelled to put into place measures encouraging their customers to practice CLAYGO.

Under the measure, establishments shall install signages and other promotional materials about CLAYGO within their premises.

They shall also provide a minimum of three garbage bins for biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable wastes pursuant to local and national laws; a designated depository area where customers can place their return trays and other used non-disposable tableware; and basic cleaning supplies near the depository area.

Exempted from the coverage of the ordinance are fine dining restaurants which provide for ‘fancier menu, elegant or formal atmosphere, and food handling services as an added premium to their customers/diners.’

The City Health Services Office (CHSO) shall be tasked to conduct inspections in all the establishments covered by the ordinance to ensure compliance.

Non-compliant establishments shall be fined P500 and given a notice of violation on first offense; P1,000 and a notice of violation on second offense; and P2,000 and a notice of violation on third and subsequent offenses.

Upon the enactment of the ordinance, the establishments shall be given a 90-day grace period to be fully compliant with the provisions of the ordinance.

In the Philippine setting, Datuin said customers or diners have been accustomed to ‘leaving their tables as they are after dining at food establishments, expecting service crews to clean the dining area they used.’

Datuin emphasized that Baguio City is a character city by virtue of Resolution 107-2003 and that it is essential to instill positive values to all the members of society to promote good citizenship.

“By practicing CLAYGO, citizens observe and promote good manners and right conduct, proper dining etiquette, hygiene, cleanliness, and common courtesy to each and every customer. This will also foster collaboration between customers and food establishment personnel,” Datuin wrote in his proposal.

The proposed ordinance has been approved on first reading and referred to the Sanggunian’s Committee on Health and Sanitation, Ecology, and Environmental Protection for review.