Renewed commitment towards equality eyed as PH’s ranking in Gender Gap Report slides down

Published August 11, 2022, 7:02 PM

by Charie Mae F. Abarca

The Philippines remained the best performing country in Asia in terms of gender parity, but the country’s ranking slid down from 17th in 2021 to 19th in 2022 based on World Economic Forum’s latest Gender Gap Report.

The Philippines ranked 19th in the Global Gender Gap Index 2022 (Image courtesy of the Philippine Commission on Women)

“The Global Gender report tracks the progress of countries in achieving gender parity in terms of economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment,” said the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) in a press statement on Wednesday, Aug. 10.

The list showed 146 countries with Iceland still leading the global ranking. Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Namibia, Ireland, and Germany complete the top 10 countries.

Based on the report, the biggest improvement is needed in the aspect of the country’s political empowerment. PCW disclosed that the Philippines, in 2022, scored 0.360 compared to the previous 0.363 in 2021 and dropped “two notches” from 33rd to 35th.

While the Philippines remained at the top 20 tier in terms of gender parity, PCW Executive Director Kristene Yuzon-Chaves urged the education sector to further analyze how gender equality may be promoted.

“We shall keep this report in mind as we work with our partners in the education sector in ensuring that women and girls receive equal and fair treatment when they pursue learning. We also continuously rally behind every Juana whose potential must be tapped in driving the country to growth, development, and inclusion,” said Yuzon-Chaves.