Tom Rodriguez returns to social media

Published August 8, 2022, 3:19 PM

by Neil Ramos

Tom Rodriguez is back.

Well, at least on social media.

The actor made his presence felt on Instagram recently, following a lengthy break.

His first post was a video of him playing the piano.

He wrote, “Music has got to be one of the best and free ways I’ve found to self soothe. Not much of a piano player, but it was fun trying to find my own way to play this John Mayer song.”

He followed it up with a video of him relaxing at what seemed to be a veranda.

The caption read, “Great day to be alive indeed! Wishing everyone a blissful day…You hold the power to make your day however you choose…make it a positive one.”

Many are happy with Tom’s gesture.

Some urged him to return to the country and act again.

Others expressed hope that he would still be able to patch things up with Carla Abellana.