Poe’s E-Gov’t Bill brings gov’t services at one’s fingertips

Published August 8, 2022, 5:34 PM

by Mario Casayuran

Senator Grace Poe has pushed anew for the congressional passage of her bill that seeks to improve the way government attends to ordinary citizens by implementing an efficient, digital-based delivery of services that would do away with long lines or prolonged waiting time.

“Even at home or at work, our countrymen will be able to apply for claims or loans, pay taxes, renew licenses and engage in related government transactions through their mobile phones or computers,” said Poe’s Senate Bill (SB) 334, or the proposed E-Government Act of 2022.

“Filipinos certainly deserve the convenience of accessing government services and information at their fingertips,” Poe said.

“Amid the new normal, swift and reliable access to state and local institutions anytime, anywhere is more crucial than ever,” she added.

The lady lawmaker said that putting in place an e-government strategy through seamless interoperability would help government boost productivity, improve transparency, and assure convenience for the public.

Poe’s bill mandates the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to establish and promote an e-government master plan that would serve as a framework for the rollout of online services by agencies.

The master plan will deal with archives and records management system, online payment system, citizen frontline delivery services, and public finance management and procurement system. It will be reviewed and revised every three years, the bill provides.

The DICT secretary will head the e-government initiative while each local government unit (LGU) will have an information officer to supervise the adoption of the master plan and report compliance.

“Waiting in line for hours for cash aid, loans, benefits and the like should be a thing of the past. We must spare our people, especially elderlies and persons with disability, from this unacceptable strain in the hands of government,” Poe said.